Health : which foods are good for the lungs to favor in your diet?

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Health : which foods are good for the lungs to favor in your diet?

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The fall and winter seasons can be a particularly difficult time for people with asthma. This is not only because of the high humidity levels but also because of the air pollution, which is more important during this part of the year. In addition to all these factors, there is also the risk of exposure to viruses affecting the respiratory tract which are traditionally more prevalent during the cooler months. If you have asthma, it will help you to know that there are certain foods that can help improve your health. Here are some healthy foods for the lungs to include in your diet.

How does asthma relate to foods that are good for the lungs?

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People with asthma may face breathing problems, such as feeling tight or short of breath. Nowadays, there are medicines specially designed to remedy these problems and ease breathing. In particular, they relax the muscles of the respiratory tract and facilitate breathing. Obtained on medical prescription, they are also sometimes recommended for the prevention of respiratory disorders, for example in cases of allergic asthma.

More generally, we can also bet on a diet aimed at improving our health in general and relieving asthma symptoms in particular. In fact, some recent research finds a relationship between the increase in diagnosed asthma cases in recent years and the growing popularity of processed foods. Conversely, a diet that is complete and rich in fruits and vegetables may be more beneficial for your health. This is all the more true since obesity is considered today as a factor that could contribute to the development of asthma.

Products rich in vitamins D and A

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Foods rich in vitamin D, such as salmon, milk and eggs, can help reduce asthma attacks in children and teens. In a similar way, high levels of vitamin A are associated with better lung function in children. Carrots, salad, spinach and sweet potatoes are examples of healthy, vitamin A-rich products to favor in a daily menu. To complete this list, we will also mention apples. These are associated with a general improvement in the functioning of the lungs.

Products rich in magnesium

Magnesium deficiency can be another factor for respiratory problems. To fight against these, we will include in its menu spinach, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate.

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