Health : why can air from your air conditioner cause coughing and sneezing

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Health :

why can air from your air conditioner cause coughing and sneezing

air conditioning effects on health

In large buildings, the toxins released by the micro-organisms present in the ventilation system can have a number of consequences on our health. The symptoms related to its effects are numerous. These include sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, and even fever. Elderly people, children and people with respiratory problems are more likely to be exposed to these microorganisms. In the following lines, we will focus on these effects of climate on health and see more closely what are their causes and how to address it.

Effects of air conditioning and air on health - zooming in on causes and consequences

You've probably heard that some people can not literally tolerate air conditioning. In fact, it is not the air conditioning itself that causes problems but the air flowing. Here's why.

Effects of air conditioning on health: air quality problems in ventilation and air conditioning systems

Effects of air conditioning health risks

The quality of the air circulating in the ventilation systems can cause various allergies. This is because air conditioning tends to spread bacteria and viruses. These include bacteria that cause asthma, allergic rhinitis, pneumonia, fever. The air conditioner can also be a good place to spread flies and fungi. And this, in turn, can cause allergic reactions.

Cough and air conditioner effects

In addition, humans and animals can carry bacteria or viruses from their outside environment to their homes. Once the air conditioner is turned on, these bacteria begin to circulate in the air. In this way, they are likely to irritate the respiratory tract. Moreover, this same problem also exists when portable fans are used.

Also note: the effects of climate on health also include the spread of so-called "volatile organic compounds". These are substances released as gases by some products, especially liquids. In the list of these are household cleaners or household dust. An air conditioner will circulate these substances in the air. This can cause coughing or sneezing.

The solution to these problems: the device must be properly maintained and cleaned.

The effects of air conditioning on health related to the misuse of ventilation systems

Effects of air conditioning on health and dangers

The misuse of air conditioners is another serious problem. The extreme temperatures of where the appliance is usedx can cause serious health problems. This is particularly the case when the air conditioning is set to create a too important difference between the interior space and the outside.

In principle, the human body is able to adapt to temperature changes of this type. But big differences never have a positive effect on the body. The transition from heat to cold or vice versa can cause not only respiratory problems but also worries related to the cardiac system.

The solution to this problem: health professionals advise us to avoid excessive differences between the temperature inside and outside. Ideally, a room temperature similar to the outside temperature should be maintained between 21 and 25 ° C.

The problem of maintenance and repairs and the effects of air conditioning on health

Chronic cough causes summer

Do you have a persistent cough that does not go away despite heavy use of cold medications? If you suffer from these kinds of problems, it will be useful to know that your air conditioner could contribute to your cough. To help you determine if this is really one of the effects of climate on our health, we suggest a list of possible causes for this type of effect. Examine it to determine if your climate system is involved and how to fix your problem.

A filter that has not been cleaned properly may cause allergy symptoms

Maintenance of air conditioning at home

It is not uncommon to find people with allergy symptoms when exposed to pollen, dust and other similar substances. These symptoms include runny nose and stuffy nose, dry eyes, itchy skin or an apparently incurable cough.

Regarding these symptoms, it is useful to know that the air filter in your air conditioning system can not work effectively if it is not properly wheeled or needs to be replaced. In principle, the filter should be replaced every penny, at least it should be cleaned regularly. When purchasing a new filter, you should make sure you have the right model for your air conditioner. If you clean your filter, be sure to let it dry before putting it back inside the air conditioner.

Is the air in your air conditioning system too cold?

Cold air conditioning cough and cold

Have you ever felt like shaking or freezing frequently inside your home? It may seem nice when it's too hot outside. But we should avoid making it a habit. You may not know it but our body temperature must be in balance with the temperature outside. This is what ensures the proper functioning of our bodies and also the effectiveness of our immune system.

Too much difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures can cause problems for our bodies.

The effects of air conditioning related to the development of mold and moisture in the air

How to clean your air conditioner

Mold can infiltrate the sinuses and lungs. Thus, she may be responsible for the appearance of a chronic cough.
Do you have a lot of humidity in your house? In this case, it is possible that water droplets accumulate in the ducts and other areas of your indoor space. Condensation can cause excess water that is diffused into-space by the air conditioning system.

How to solve this problem ? We advise you to check with a professional to make sure that there is no mold in your ventilation system. A dehumidifier can also help you eliminate this kind of problem.

The effects of air conditioning and health problems - what to remember

Effects of air conditioning on animals and humans

For millions of homes around the world, air conditioning provides essential relief from summer heat. However, there is a small percentage of us who suffer from the effects of unwanted air conditioning on our health.

One of the most commonly cited problems with these bad climatic effects is coughing. It is called by some professionals "hypersensitivity pneumonitis". This cough is capable of causing an allergy related to airborne particles that are distributed by the air conditioning system. These particles often include dust, mold, fungus and other pollutants. Particularly irritating to the lungs, they are sometimes the cause of ill health.

In addition to coughing, air conditioners can also contribute to the development of the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Asthma attacks
  • Symptoms of colds or flu
  • Problems of loss of voice
  • Itching of the nose and / or throat

How to remedy the effects of air conditioning on health?

Air conditioning and health effects

The good news is that there are simple solutions to solving this type of health effects of climate. Here are our suggestions for doing so.

Check and replace your air conditioner filter

Effects of air conditioning on children

Allergies are the main cause of coughs caused by ventilation systems. Ideally, an air conditioner could help you breathe fresh, healthy air. But that depends on its filter that needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Opt for an air humidifier

Home air humidifier

To maintain low temperatures, the air conditioning system produces a rather dry air. This certainly creates a cool and comfortable atmosphere. But our airways can be particularly sensitive to such chronic exposure to dry air.

A humidifier could help you solve this problem. Such a device will reintroduce moisture into the air of your living space. It is particularly effective during the hours of sleep and rest.

An air filter for the whole house

Air conditioning and health effects

Most coughs get worse as a result of poor air quality. If you suffer from coughing regularly, consider installing an air filter in your living space.

This will allow you to enjoy additional filtration of the air. In addition to the air filter, you could also bet on an appropriate air purifier or UV lamp.

Is your air conditioner really responsible for your cough?

Flu symptoms in summer - what are the causes?

Did you know ? A cough that lasts more than eight weeks in an adult or four weeks in a child is considered chronic. Lasting cough is more than just a drawback. It can affect your daily fashion.

To remedy this type of cough, it is essential to find the cause. Sometimes living or working in a space equipped with an air conditioner is not necessarily the cause of a lasting or chronic cough. Thus, it is useful to know in this regard that:

  • Cough lasts longer than cold
  • You may be suffering from asthma or allergy
  • There are other possible causes of a cough or irritation of the throat (very much that gastro-oesophageal reflux)

The existence of other symptoms and the examination performed by a professional could help you determine with certainty what is the cause of your health problems.

Change your lifestyle to address these effects of air conditioning on your health

For or against the air conditioning?

If you have a chronic cough, talk to your doctor. First, your goal would be to eliminate the causes of this health problem. Once the causes are eliminated, your doctor will probably advise you to be patient while waiting for your recovery. But you could also make some small efforts to make this recovery faster.

To go further, you can also take steps to speed up the process. To do this, pay attention to your health and adopt these simple gestures to maintain it:

  • Give yourself at least seven hours of rest during the night
  • Avoid stress as much as possible
  • Avoid drinks containing caffeine and alcohol that have a desiccating effect
  • Consume a lot of water to remove harmful substances from your airways.

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