Health : Why play sports?

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Health : Why play sports?

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You have certainly heard many times that sport is good for your health and that you have to practice it regularly. But what does physical activity really bring us? Discover through the lines that follow the many virtues of sport.

The benefits of sport on physical health

By playing sports, your blood vessels dilate, which allows better oxygenation of your body. The functioning of your cardiovascular system is thus improved. During your workouts, your heart will tire less. This will make you less prone to stroke.

Physical activity also helps maintain your muscle capital. Therefore, it prevents injuries, as well as various back pain, knee pain, etc. It thus helps you to age in good health. In addition to its benefits on muscles, sport also solidifies your bones. Therefore, it participates in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Certain sports such as swimming or cycling also improve breathing. They help increase your lung capacity. This reduces the risk of asthma. On the other hand, if you are already asthmatic, it is recommended to go to consult your doctor before practicing a sporting activity. Indeed, some sports may not be suitable for your state of health.

Moving also helps sculpt your body and keep a toned silhouette. Certain physical activities such as running, cycling and swimming are to be preferred with a view to slimming. On the other hand, for people who want to strengthen their body, activities such as dancing, exercising the glutes, the gym, etc. are fine. To help you choose your sporting goal, the advice of fitness specialists can be useful.

Sport is good for morale too

Playing a sport also has a positive effect on your morale. First, it improves your mood. In fact, when you exercise, your brain triggers hormones that promote good mood and well-being. You then feel more relaxed and happier.

Then, sports help you release your stress and protect you from depression. When you are physically active, you forget your various family and sports responsibilities. Your mind is so distracted. And, since your brain is better supplied with oxygen, you quickly regain a state of well-being. The endorphins released by the brain help relieve stress.

By moving, you will also sleep better. Good physical fatigue promotes sleep. You will quickly be plunged into a deep sleep. When you sleep well, you will be well the next day. A good sleep improves your mood and your concentration at work. Just avoid playing sports too late in the day.

Playing sports also increases self-confidence. Indeed, during your physical activities, you will feel better in your body. Which will improve your self-esteem. Finally, team sports develop your sociability. They help you to feel better with others. Which can also be beneficial for you at work. Indeed, you can more easily adopt a team spirit.

Tips to make the most of your sports sessions

In order to enjoy all the benefits of sport, it is essential to practice it in the right way. Before engaging in physical activity, you must first prepare your body. So warm up. This is important in order to avoid the risk of injury.

Then, to get good results, you need to be regular in your sporting activity. 5 minutes of sport a day is not enough. If you lack motivation, put on music during your sports session. According to a survey published by Myprotein, adapted music will make you more enduring, motivated and efficient.

Finally, eat a balanced and healthy diet. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration. And, rest after an intense sporting activity.

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