Health : Yoga, a daily beauty asset?

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Health : Yoga, a daily beauty asset?

Taking care of yourself is a reflex that involves many actions on a daily basis. To take care of your hair, for example, we opt for regular masks and visits to the hairdresser so that it brings us softness, volume and shine. When it comes to the skin, we tend to pamper it above all with various products that guarantee hydration, nutrition and firmness, among other things.

But did you know that you can also take care of your skin through sport ? It is now proven that yoga has positive effects on the quality of the skin and in particular on the complexion. So, what are we waiting for to get started?

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Yoga is good for your health for many reasons!

The known benefits of yoga

As we already knew, yoga, this sporting activity which has grown in popularity over the past 15 years, has many advantages. Beyond allowing everyone to improve their flexibility, boost tone and build up intensely, this sport (which is also for many a philosophy of life) helps to keep joints in better health, to learn better. breathing, helps to adopt better postures, to reduce daily stress levels or to lower blood pressure.

It also allows a total letting go which provides immediate well-being. That does a lot of good things for simple physical activity, doesn’t it? And that’s not all ! In addition to guaranteeing you a more serene and healthier life, yoga is also responsible for giving you a peachy complexion …

The effects of yoga on the skin

Overall, yoga, which makes you sweat smoothly, is a great way to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. In other words, your skin breathes more and flushes out accumulated toxins, leaving you with a fresher, more glowing complexion, just like any other sport. Also, some yoga positions can act on possible intestinal difficulties, which can cause skin problems. By solving these digestion problems, you also solve your skin problems at the same time!

Finally, thanks to certain specific movements and exercises, yoga would also boost the collagen and elastin in the skin of the face. It is especially around the mouth that the results would be most clear. With yoga, you may well remove the fine lines of expression that may bother you and soften the outline of your lips. And you will not be able to escape it, because yoga is essential this year as the trick to integrate as quickly as possible into your beauty routine!

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Yoga soothes and tones the skin on your face

How to try yoga?

To adopt yoga in your beauty routine, it is rather simple. No need to invest an hour of your time per day. A “yoga break”, namely a short session of 15 to 30 minutes maximum, may be perfectly sufficient. This is what more and more poker players are doing, for example, who regularly rely on yoga breaks during their competitions to escape the constant pressure.

No need to go for really long sessions, then. On the other hand, it is important to be regular. The idea is to go for several short yoga sessions each week rather than one long session once in a while. This is how the results will be seen the fastest, and in a sustainable way.

What type of yoga to bet on?

To have beautiful skin and a beautiful complexion, it is on a very specific type of yoga that we must currently bet: facial yoga. Let me be clear, all types of yoga that exist today will have a positive effect on your skin, thanks to the effects we described earlier in the article. But if you are specifically looking to enhance your complexion and reduce the wrinkles that appear on your face, laughter yoga is what you need first. Thanks to various exercises that yoga professional Sylvie Lefranc describes in her book “Yoga of the Face”, it simultaneously helps tone the cheeks, relax the jaws, smooth the forehead and reduce frown lines in particular. While providing you with a feeling of relaxation and not insignificant well-being. Quite a program, isn’t it?

Finally, to sublimate yourself even more thanks to this trendy sporting activity, you are also free to succumb to the “yoga skin” trend, namely a fresh and natural makeup that gives the impression of just coming out of a yoga session. !

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