Healthy breakfast

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Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is a very important process for each of us. It contributes to the final awakening and uplifting mood. And for many, the morning meal becomes almost the only time of the day when you can belong to yourself.

Nevertheless, how many people, so many opinions about what is correct healthy breakfast… There is even a point of view that the best breakfast is its complete absence.

Do I need breakfast?

The well-known proverb says that unlike a dinner given to the enemy, unlike a dinner shared with a friend, breakfast should be eaten on your own. However, it is imprudent to rely entirely on popular wisdom. There are many contradictory proverbs in the world. On the one hand, “live and learn”, and on the other, “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks”.

However, recent studies have shown that those who do not eat for a long time after waking up, slow down metabolism, drop blood sugar levels and, consequently, decreased attention and memory. The ideal time for breakfast, doctors and biorhythms experts unanimously say, is from 7 to 9 in the morning.

How to eat breakfast properly?

Folk wisdom will not help us too much in this case. National breakfasts, to put it mildly, are all very different. Classics of the genre – french breakfast: croissant, butter, egg, orange juice, confiture, coffee.

The Turkish breakfast is a traditional flatbread with sheep cheese and herbs, feta cheese, olives and coffee.

But English breakfast – it is not so much “oatmeal, sir” as very fatty and hearty food: scrambled eggs and bacon, sausages and baked beans.

However, as the British themselves admit, today most of them not only do not eat English breakfast, but have even forgotten how to cook it. You can only indulge yourself in a traditional English breakfast in the tourist cafes, and even then not every day: it is a pleasure for strong stomachs.

Another typically northern breakfast is Norwegian. It consists of jacketed potatoes with greaves and fish cooked in butter.

What do we see? The calorie content of national breakfasts largely depends on the climate (the colder it is, the more satisfying the food should be). Well, the set of products matters: it would be ridiculous to feed a Norwegian with olives.

Therefore, it is not so much a matter of a set of products as of a balanced breakfast. Nutritionists believe that perfect breakfast should contain 1/3 of the daily protein, 2/3 of the carbohydrate and less than 1/5 of the fat. Well, and vitamins with trace elements, of course.

Protein makes you feel full all day. Its sources are meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, beans, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms. Unsaturated fats are absorbed faster than saturated fats and are considered healthier. Sources of unsaturated fats are avocados, almonds, peanuts, sunflower oil. Carbohydrates are pure energy, which is necessary for the morning “revitalization” of the body, but there is a nuance: it is advisable to give preference not to “fast” carbohydrates, but to “slow” ones. Not those in sugar and buns, but those in cereals, liquid dairy products, vegetables and fruits.

The body also needs indigestible carbohydrates – fiber (dietary fiber). They also give a feeling of fullness, and, in addition, normalize fat metabolism, stimulate the intestines, slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in the stomach and provide a more stable level of glucose breakdown. The best sources of fiber in the morning are oatmeal and wholemeal bread.

Winter breakfast.

If it’s fine for breakfast in the warm season a cup of coffee with a milkshake of milk and fresh fruit, a more thorough approach to morning nutrition is required in the cold season.


As mentioned, oatmeal is an unrivaled source of dietary fiber. It is worth abandoning the “instant” porridge from bags in favor of natural oatmeal in milk, which can be embellished with raisins, dried apricots, slices of apple, orange or kiwi. Oatmeal on the water is not such a poison if you approach the issue correctly. To do this, we take cranberries, crush them with sugar, cover them with oatmeal, add raisins and prunes and pour boiling water over them. After 10 minutes, when everything is infused, you can mix the ingredients and start eating porridge.


There is no need to share the recipes for vegetable salads that everyone knows. It is only important to remember that a healthy morning breakfast excludes the concept of “mayonnaise”. As a last resort, sour cream is suitable for dressing, even better – do with low-fat yogurt. By the way, the classic “Caesar” meets all the parameters of a salad for a “proper breakfast”.

Where to have breakfast?

Recently, breakfast has also been perceived as a good start to the day – it is no coincidence that the fashion of having breakfast in cafes has appeared in megacities. Firstly, the café surroundings, service and breakfast in full equipment (as opposed to drinking tea in a dressing gown) evoke thoughts of their own bourgeoisness. Secondly, you can invite some of your friends to such breakfast. Third, you don’t need to cook yourself.

And finally, by chance, more and more cafes are introducing morning hours – breakfast at reduced prices.

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