Heatwave: 4 reasons why air conditioning is a fake friend

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Heatwave: 4 reasons why air conditioning is a fake friend

She refreshes you and seems to be your new best friend in these hot times. Still, the air conditioning "is not the first solution to adopt to avoid the health effects of heat waves"affirms the conclusions of a report of the French Agency for Environmental Safety (Afsse) in a report published in 2005 after the deadly heat wave of 2003.

And for good reason: it promotes the development of certain diseases. Overview of health problems related to air conditioning.

Air conditioning dries mucous membranes

The air conditioning cools the air in the room, but it also makes it drier. What is not good news for our body: the mucous membranes, namely the skin, the nose, the mouth, are irritated by this dry and cold air.

The eyes are also affected. People may be subject to dry eye, especially those who wear contact lenses.

She is not good for allergies

Poorly maintained air conditioners are not allies of people with allergies. Why ? They retain a lot of dust, the diffused air is not well recycled and therefore loaded with pollen coming from outside.

She makes you sick

Air conditioning users generally tend to adjust the temperature so that it is very low. Error: The variation between the outside temperature and the indoor temperature is too violent for the body. It is exhausted to regulate body temperature and weakens. Result: as in winter, it is the feast of inflammation (angina, sinusitis, rhinitis).

She is responsible for mold

Air conditioning is also "an important source of mold supply", according to a report from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Ecology, published in 2008."Poorly maintained filters cause spores from the outside air to enter the indoor air; cooling and condensation systems, in which there is still high humidity, are suitable environments for the development of molds"can we read in the document.

How to avoid the inconvenience of air conditioning?

To avoid temperature variations, it is recommended to set the air conditioner to 21 ° C or higher, not below. You can keep on you, physiological saline to put in the eyes if they are dry. Do not forget to blink to keep them moist.

Then, hydrate yourself by regularly consuming water to moisten your throat.

And finally, regularly clean the particle filter so that air pollution and allergenic agents are not found in the air.

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