Hermès scarf: life after purchase

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Hermès scarf: life after purchase

Function + decoration. A bit of history

Buying a scarf from Hermès Is a wise emotional and aesthetic investment. Having long become an iconic product of the Hermès company, it has acquired an iconic status for every owner / owner. It is worn by everyone and everyone in their own way. But it means it is more than just a prestigious accessory. The unique property of the “emotional currency” scarf from Hermès acquired, becoming a link between generations: from grandmother to granddaughter, from mother to daughter, from aunt to niece, from godmother to goddaughter. This beautiful tradition began in the depths of the pre-war French middle class and has already gained international practice and value.

Budget option: the original Hermès scarf on the official website hermès.com for $ 100
Budget option: original scarf Hermès on the official website hermès.com for $ 100
The most expensive Hermès scarf in the brand's online store.  Price - $ 7 800
The most expensive scarf Hermès in the brand’s online store. Price – $ 7 800

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The most influential personalities in the fashion business

Hermès scarf certainly beautiful, deservedly prestigious and famous. Be that as it may, this is primarily a textile accessory with a specific function to protect, create comfort and beautify its owner / wearer. Well, do not forget that its additional consumption function is a way to reveal the individuality and style of its owner or owner. In pre-industrial times, the headscarf was absolutely essential for almost everyone. Riders and travelers of all stripes protected themselves from dust, wind, unpleasant odors and scorching sun on the roads. Surprising for us, but not at all surprising for our even recent ancestors, it was an obligatory part of a soldier’s uniform, shawls were protected from the sun and wind at work in the field and garden.

Grace Kelly uses a Hermès scarf as an immobilizer sling, 1956

Good old friend

The headscarf was an official sign of femininity, and the neckerchief was commonly associated with the male repertoire. Just like the bandana of cowboys and the headscarf of weavers and cooks, the headscarf was an unspoken, but obligatory part of the professional wardrobe.

With such a history and functionality, there are, of course, many ways to wear a scarf. This was often one of the few ways to express your character, your sense of self in the individual manner of wearing a scarf. The more dominant urban lifestyles became, the more important accessories became to create an individual look in the anonymous urban masses. This was important both for everyday and professional self-determination, and in cases of a class marker of luxury superiority, the accessory without further ado pointed to a social position in society.

Queen Elizabeth II in Hermès silk scarf
Queen Elizabeth II

How can we be with him?

All this is already incomprehensible to us – almost a century of isolation from the European way of life and the requirements for personal presentation nullified the possibilities of self-expression and the need for owning accessories to indicate their individuality. In our context, the purely utilitarian role of shawls, scarves and gloves, ties and hats, umbrellas and walking sticks prevails over all other aspects of using accessories. They don’t know how to wear accessories, they don’t want to learn, and in the case of men they are simply afraid. There is also no sense of the value of the performance, the materials used, the understanding of the possibilities of stylistic improvement of the image.

And what is there?

There is a whole forest of taboos, for example, wearing a scarf by a man not in winter as part of an image is considered a feminine manifestation. The perceived waste of a luxurious scarf or elegant leather gloves is an impractical eccentricity. And the robber nineties and completely discouraged self-manifestation. The fear of being seen in the crowd led to the abandonment of any personal markers. Here we find ourselves in a sea of ​​dull nondescript colors and shapes, in trivial ways to be “like everyone else”, but with a worm of irritation at a boring wardrobe and a lack of understanding how to change the situation. There are many dumb questions, and the proposed answers are indistinct, often incompetent, do not take into account either the contingent or the context of this contingent, or the income grid, or the trade repertoire.

Hermès silk scarf: crowd VS personality

Kind of like a dark story. Well, why so? There is the Internet, there is knowledge of languages ​​(some of them) and, if desired, there is access to the bottomless abyss of photo images about the usefulness of accessories in a civilized situation. With such easy access to information, maybe it is still worth looking at these images without post-Soviet or provincial “boons” (or at least put them aside for a minute)? It is easy to understand that since this phenomenon has such a rich past and such a rich present, maybe it is worth taking note and starting to practice (or at least try to practice) using elegant accessories for your own pleasure and comfort?

It seems to us that the time has come long ago. A good shawl or scarf is cheaper than a messy dress. But with a certain skill training, it will help turn the basic kit into something interesting and even, God forbid, stylish. To be convinced of the truly unimaginably diverse existence of the original scarf Hermès and not only – let’s just look at the many lives of a silk scarf Hermes after purchase.

Hermès silk scarf as decor
Hermès scarf as a decorative element of the interior
A scarf as an accessory for a man's image
Hermès scarf in jacket pocket
Hermes scarf on the bag handle
Hermès neckerchief original instead of a bracelet
Neck scarf Hermes
Hermes scarf as a head scarf
Hermès scarf as accessory
Hermès silk scarf in turquoise
Gray sweater and scarf by Hermès Fashion House

Test – Evgeny Sheshenin

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