High heat: 5 fashion tips to dress when it's hot (and stay stylish!)

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High heat: 5 fashion tips to dress when it's hot (and stay stylish!)

The high temperatures are there and are not ready to stop climbing. It's summer and it's important to adapt your dressing room according to the temperatures! Of course it is much easier to dress light and comfortable when you're on vacation by the sea, more tedious when it comes to going to the office by 40 degrees! But there are simple solutions to make life easier while staying on top ...

1) Focus on fluidity

It can never be said enough, but think of light materials and all fluids you will save the day! Star of the summer, the long dress that comes to infinity this season, is absolutely perfect with its aerial cut that does not stick to the skin. We prefer the short sleeves or braces, and we avoid however the bustier shape, a little too much beach at the workplace.
Think also about long skirts, ample and soft pants, colorful and various patterns and varied, super easy to wear and mix with the basics of the wardrobe. The combination is not left out and will ensure you a slender figure: think about belting and voila. It's trendy and it's convenient, so go with your eyes closed.

2) Opt for natural materials

If there is a time of year when you have to ban synthetic materials, it is now, in summer! The solution: the most natural materials possible, like cotton, linen, bamboo or silk. Cooler and above all more breathablethey offer optimal comfort.

3) Opt for clear colors

The dark will not be your ally under the sun. We therefore choose preferably in the morning in front of his mirror a light hold that will therefore absorb less solar radiation (a black surface absorbs up to 90% of the energy it receives). So the total look in monochrome black or navy, we keep it for the return and even for this winter!
Do not worry, we do not ban the little black dress with moths for a sophisticated evening! But know also that the White dress always makes its small effect so it's the moment or never!

4) Take out your toes!

Why not buy a new pair of sandals or bring out your favorite model from past seasons? To stay chic, especially in the office, we keep the tong for the holidays but we obviously allow a pretty pair of sandals or spartan to go to work. Heels are not mandatory ladies, especially if you want to bet on the most comfortable possible to avoid seeing his feet swell visibly! Unless you adopt the magic trick of Meghan Markle to no longer have foot pain in heels? And if you want to stay perched, compensated sneakers are a good option.

5) Draw the right accessories!

The top in the field in these conditions: the range ! So chic, it ensures a crazy class and will make you rude service on the subway, on the bus or in a non-air-conditioned meeting room!
And of course, we do not forget the essentials of the summer like the pretty boater, the capeline or the Borsalino, with a pair of sunglasses screwed when the sun is pointing the tip of his nose. And by the way, did you think to tie a pretty scarf in your hair? It will clear your neck and ensure a look at the top.

It's your turn !

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