HIT! Beautiful spring manicure 2020: 105 photos, new items

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HIT! Beautiful spring manicure 2020: 105 photos, new items


Any girl should have a well-groomed look and, of course, well-groomed hands. The first thing that makes your hands well-groomed is the spring manicure 2020. And every year, fashion trends or new items appear in this area, so to speak.

Spring is no exception, so consider the variety of gel polish manicure. As well as beautiful ideas for nail design for this spring.


Trendy colors of spring 2020 nail design

The first thing to think about when doing a manicure is, of course, the color of the varnish. This season, any ideas and experiments with colors and shades of marigolds are welcome, but with bright accents. In early spring, these are colors with a bright design, and when the sun bakes, any colors of the rainbow:

  • Deep;
  • Nude;
  • Acidic.

The current trend of this spring is gel polish. It lasts longer and further enlarges the nail plate. Because of what the nail breaks less, but it still looks the same natural. And also you will not achieve the same perfect glare with regular varnish as with gel varnish.

turquoise jacket with a pattern

nude two-tone manicure with stones

two-tone manicure with a pattern

two-tone manicure with decor

burgundy manicure with stripes

blue manicure with stones

olive patterned manicure

burgundy manicure with decor

Fashionable length of nails of spring manicure 2020

The length of nails is welcomed “natural” in spring 2020. Medium length is ideal, but short nails are also welcome. Fashion trends this spring are shorter rather than longer. Of course “short stacks” are not an option either, but you shouldn’t strive for maximum length either.

The main thing in the length of the nails is to make it comfortable for you. And the beauty in this depends only on your taste.

nude textured

jacket with a pattern

bicolor with silver

purple with print

bicolor stripe nails

beige with decor

powdery geometric

textured color block

Fashionable nail shape for spring manicure 2020

Naturally, when doing a manicure, a girl thinks about the shape of her nails. And spring 2020 also dictates its fashion to this.

Fashion trends for the form:

  • almond
  • square

But the square is not even and sharp, but vice versa. Fashionable, more tapered and rounded square.

Having dealt with the colors and lengths, let’s start designing the nails. There can be a lot of ideas here. This is both timeless classics and novelties. We invite you to find out fashion trends for spring 2020 manicure design with a photo.

Below we will consider the types of manicure designs.

purple with stones

multi color with decor

matt blue


purple ombre

brown-white with decor

red with gold

Spring manicure ombre 2020

Ombre on nails also looks great as on hair. These transitions from one color to another are mesmerizing. And most importantly, you can combine absolutely any color.

Ombre is done in 3 ways:

  • Airbrush;
  • Aerofooking
  • Brush.

The most perfect transition with an airbrush. The most budgetary one is a brush. And the golden mean with aeroofing, but varnishes must be used specialized.

nude ombre

purple ombre

ombre colorblock

pink ombre

blue ombie with decor

glitter ombre

yellow-blue ombre

red and black ombre

Gradient manicure for spring 2020

Gradient manicure always looks stylish and original.

You can make non-standard designs with it:

  • Rainbow transitions;
  • French gradient;
  • Geometry;
  • Curved lines;
  • Stencils.

With the help of aeroufing or airbrush and stencils, you can get a quick and beautiful manicure. Before starting to apply the gradient, it is better to cover the finger around the nail with a special product. Next, glue the stencil, and only then apply the gradient. With the help of a gradient, you can make a beautiful sea wave design. Gradient has no borders for nail design.

textured gradient

pink and white gradient

geometric gradient

green gradient

purple-pink gradient

black gradient

dark gradient

Manicure spring 2020 broken glass

Speaking about new nail designs, one cannot fail to mention broken glass. It can be used on one or multiple nails. But don’t cover all your nails, it will be overkill.

A manicure with this design always looks bright, catchy, non-standard and attractive. You can see for yourself by looking at the photo.

bicolor broken glass

purple broken glass

shiny broken glass

blue broken glass

spring broken glass

green broken glass

yellow-blue broken glass

brown with broken glass decor

Spring 2020 metallic manicure

Metallic manicure is a fashion trend in spring 2020 manicure.

This design is done in several ways:

  • Rubbing;
  • Stickers;
  • Foil;
  • On glue;
  • On a sticky layer.

The most perfect specularity will be on the stickers. Rub in, will last longer but reflect less. Foil on a sticky layer, does not completely transfer, only in parts. This is a great option for cotton design. And the foil is for glue, but completely reprinted.

There are pros and cons to each type of metallic manicure. But each of them is beautiful in its own way, you choose.

metal jacket


geometric metallic

metal with a pattern

gold textured

black jacket with metallic

nude with gold

turquoise with gold

Water manicure spring 2020

Water-based manicure is ideal for those who do their own nails. It is easy to do and looks like the work of a wizard And most importantly, with water manicure you can make the most unique nail design.

Enough warm water, a toothpick and the necessary varnishes. Varnishes are mixed in water, a toothpick “draws” the design and everything is transferred to the nail. The drawing will depend on how you draw the lines, it all depends on your imagination:

  • In a circular motion;
  • Lines.

bright aquatic

turquoise with black water

black and white water

water blue patterned

red water

blue water

yellow-blue water

pink water

Cat eye manicure for spring 2020

Everyone’s famous cat’s eye, unique in its kind. With it, you can make a whole universe on your nails. You draw with a magnet without touching the nail. This is beautiful and fashionable in spring 2020.

The cat eye fashion trends are all about mixing colors on one nail. The “rainbow” looks very stylish on a thin line in deep colors.

The designs in this style are varied:

  • “Rainbow”;
  • Matte + gloss;
  • Rhinestones;
  • Space;
  • Volume with gold.

purple cat's eye with decor

gray cat's eye

moon cat's eye

black and red cat's eye

pink cat's eye

red cat's eye

green cat's eye

cat's eye and french

purple cat's eye

Manicure stamping spring 2020

Stamping is no longer a novelty, but it is still very popular. With just a couple of touches, you can make a wide variety of drawings. If you do not know how to draw, but want not ordinary notes – this is for you. Monograms, geometry, flowers, palms, ships – this is not the whole list of stamping drawings.

The main thing in stamping is not to overdo it. Despite the fact that it is simple, you should not endow each nail with a pattern. Better a couple of beautiful marigolds. But if you really want to, then choose an extremely small and neat design.

blue floral stamping

green stamping

black and white floral stamping

bright blue stamping

blue stamping with pattern

red stamping with pattern

nude stamping

Lace manicure for spring 2020

Lace manicure is a novelty for spring 2020. Fashion trends for this type of design are the most delicate and neat lines. The lace should, as it were, “flutter” over the nail. So don’t go overboard with the number of lines. Lace can be depicted in several ways:

  • Stamping;
  • Monogram;
  • Curved lines.

Small dots at the lace will also decorate the nail design. They can also draw the whole picture, this is also a trend this spring.

powdery with lace

white-blue lace

black lace

white French lace

lilac lace

nude with black lace

lilac nails with black lace

nude black lace

French manicure spring 2020

A naturally timeless classic French manicure. French fashion trends are to mix it with various other types and new designs. It gets along with:

  • Rubbing;
  • Lace;
  • Metallic manicure;
  • Gradient;
  • Drawings.

Nowadays the jacket is not boring, monotonous or just for a wedding, no! It can be bright, non-standard and can be combined with any design. This is what we see in the photo.

French with decor

blue jacket with stones

black jacket with decor

floral jacket

pink floral french

Lunar spring manicure 2020

As for the moon manicure, it is almost as “famous” as the jacket. You can also use various ideas with it for both long and short nails. In general, any nail design with it will not lose its charm.

Wells look most harmonious with:

  • French;
  • by themselves;
  • rhinestones.

But also other different designs can be used for the holes. For example, the hole perfectly complements the shell design.

moon blue

black moon

moon with lace

bicolor lunar

moon blue with decor

nude lunar

coffee moon

bicolor lunar

Fashionable spring 2020 manicure for short nails

I want a beautiful spring manicure, but all the nails are broken off, it doesn’t matter. There are tons of great designs for short nails:

  • Rubbing
  • Monogram
  • Geometry
  • Small drawings

Rubbing looks great on any nails. Correctly selected monograms and geometry can visually lengthen the nails.

You can use any design, the main thing is not for the entire nail, small drawings are better. A small and neat flower on one nail will look elegant and beautiful. And you shouldn’t draw a drawing on each nail. This is not always beautiful on long nails, and short nails will ruin them altogether.

In general, spring is a holiday and the awakening of nature. And the design must match the spring. Draw flowers, greenery, geometry, and don’t forget to add color. Any experimentation is appreciated. Don’t be afraid to appear flamboyant.

But if you are conservative and don’t like bright colors, then play on contrasts. Use one color, but in a combination of matte and gloss. Better yet, don’t be afraid to experiment and add sparkles and rhinestones. And for you, the best way out is rubbing. It will add flavor to the design and make it more juicy.

nude with pattern


nude nails with stones

black nails with decor

gold nails with black pattern


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