How to boost your brain: 7 new methods to test

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How to boost your brain: 7 new methods to test

At breakneck speed, start-ups are surfing the revolutionary discoveries of neuroscience to launch connected objects to boost our brain. We asked Michel Le Van Quyen, a neuroscience researcher at Inserm and the Biomedical Imaging Laboratory (LIB) and author of " Improve your brain, the true power of neuroscience "(Editions Champs Flammarion Sciences, € 8), we identify those that rely on reliable scientific bases and do not present a priori no danger.

1 / The Melomind helmet: to relax in depth.

Designed by neuroscientist Yohan Attal, this headset with headphones and small sensors detects the alpha waves of our brain. These are the ones when you're really relaxed. It also synchronizes the sounds we listen to, with our own waves, allowing us to reach a very intense level of relaxation. " In summary, it stimulates the vagus nerve and activates the parasympathetic system, one that calms stress and restores vital functions ", details the researcher.

Our opinion : as the sessions progress, one learns to tame one's own mental state. We manage to make disappear a kind of haunting soundtrack translating our preoccupied thoughts in favor of beautiful soundscapes proving our state of relaxation.

The price : 449 € but currently with a reduction of 15%, the helmet is 381,65 €, on

2 / The Dreem headband: to improve your sleep.

Using small frontal sensors, the band performs an EEG (electroencephalogram) of the sleeper. The idea: to detect slow deep sleep (characterized by very slow waves) and send, when the sleeper reaches this phase, small noises that stimulate these slow waves. " But slow sleep is the most restorative phase of sleep, where the brain cleans itself ", explains Michel Le Van Quyen." So the booster could improve this brain regeneration and also the episodic memory, that of the consolidation of memories ".

Our opinion : exciting to see her nights shelled phase by phase, with tips for better sleep. We also appreciate sleep and nap coaching.

The price : 399 €, at

3 / NeuroRacer: to improve the memory of seniors

This video game is to skillfully drive a car while answering questions that appear on the screen. A study published on the cover of Nature demonstrated that seniors trained in this game developed their ability to multitask. Proving - and that's great news! - " the plasticity of the brain even at an advanced age ", says Michel Le Van Quyen.

Our opinion : Fun and indeed challenging, especially as the more questions you answer correctly, the faster you go.

The price : free, download on Android and IPhone. There are two versions: Magicoft, based on operations, is very accessible for Francophones.

4 / The Muse Meditation Helmet: to regulate your emotions

He helps novices to reach the meditative state of mindfulness. Namely: identify and gently chase the parasitic thoughts to focus on the present moment without rumination. The headset broadcasts a voice that invites meditation, and at the same time detects the particular waves of mental wandering. As soon as your thoughts wander, a bell ringing helps you refocus on your breathing.

Our opinion : the positive effects of meditation are important: better manage negative thoughts, improve mood and, if necessary, fight against depression. We also advise you the Petit bambou website to discover the meditation.

The price : 219 €, on

5 / The apps games to better memorize

Also called Serious GameThe best known are CogniFit, Elevate Brain Training & Brain Games, NeuroNation, Peak Brain Training. Many false things have been said about them, supposed to train the brain like a muscle. But it's not a muscle, so we can not talk about brain gym. Clearly, just because you will memorize sequences of numbers does not mean that you will become a pure genius. "EOn the other hand, a study published in PNAS showed that these brain training games improved the working memory, the one that keeps a phone number in mind while you compose it. ", notes the researcher, although useful ...

Our opinion : the pleasure these games provide, certainly contributes to their effectiveness!

The price : these apps are usually free.

6) ASMR sounds: to exhilarate the mind

Clinking, lapping, crumpling, whispering ... ASMR 3D sounds (autonomous sensory meridian response) plunge us into an amazing state of relaxation, even confusing, based on pleasure. Explanation? These sensual noises and the perfect illusion of their real presence, would cause a release of dopamine, the hormone of pleasure, in the brain, in the same way that one can be traversed by a thrill listening to a Mozart concerto.

Our opinion : we enjoy a guided meditation on the background of aurora borealis or ASMR Paris (where we even perceive the screeching of the brush on the Persian cat youtuber, and the relaxing purr of the matou).

The price : Nyxia ASMR's YouTube videos are free.

7 / A tablet to encourage attention

Developed to treat Attention Deficit Disorder in Children (ADHD), the Mensia Koala tablet can also be used by older children.

It is connected to the EEG device (sensors and encephalogram). She offers neurological rehabilitation games that force you to concentrate and focus your attention long enough to get the pieces of a puzzle, catch a fish ... and get rewards!

Our opinion : This is potentially a revolution in the management of attention disorders, with or without hyperactivity, in children, because it offers an alternative to drugs, or at least a way to lighten them. Only on prescription and under medical supervision.

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