How to celebrate the New Year 2022

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How to celebrate the New Year 2022

Astrologers advise to celebrate New Year’s Eve in clothes of certain colors and styles in order to appease the symbol of the year and let prosperity, luck, health into your life. Despite the fact that many do not believe in horoscopes, they still try to choose a New Year’s dress based on similar recommendations. Well, at least it’s fun! We will find out what to celebrate the New Year 2022 in the opinion of both astrologers and stylists.

What to wear for the New Year

What to wear to please the symbol of the year

2022 will be the year of the Blue (Black) Water Tiger. Its element according to the Chinese calendar is wood. Gives hope for stability and calm confident achievement of goals. The tiger is a bright, strong predator with an obstinate strong-willed character. The tiger temper is slightly softened by the fact that the element of 2022 is water. But even with the water element in his character, the Tiger wants to be pleased.

How to celebrate the New Year 2022

The first thing worth noting is that this animal does not tolerate competition, so kitty costumes, leopard or striped tiger prints on clothes should be set aside for another occasion. The tiger should be the sole king of the holiday.

But the choice of colors, the symbol of the year provides a wide enough:

  • Light blue to deep blue.
  • Black. According to one version, the year of the Black Tiger is coming.
  • Shades of brown and green. They reflect the second element – wood.
  • Sand, yellow, olive, coffee. The colors of the jungle, the homeland of the tiger, will delight the owner in 2022.

Colors for New Year 2022

When choosing shades for the New Year, you must not forget about your color type. Saturated blue, green tones perfectly emphasize the bright type of brunettes and fiery redheads. For owners of light blond hair and porcelain skin, turquoise, pale blue shades are suitable. Beige, sandy, olive colors will favorably set off dark skin and expressive brown eyes.

Fashionable dresses for New Year 2022

The dress is a classic for going out. It would seem that this is the most obvious option for celebrating the New Year, but in 2021-2022 the choice of fashionable evening and cocktail dresses is huge. The first thing to consider is the temperature conditions in which the party will take place and its style. For a banquet hall, meeting with friends in a country house or a cozy evening in a family circle, completely different images are suitable. Thanks to the democratic fashion for dresses, you can find the perfect option for any occasion.

Short dress for New Year 2022

Dress for New Year

  • Mini-length dresses look stylish with boots with heels – a kind of babydoll of the 60s.
  • A long dress to the floor is a reason to wear graceful stiletto heels. Maxi length is good for indoor party. On the street, there is a risk of staining the hem, and it will not be entirely appropriate to look at a long evening dress at night walks in the city or in nature.
  • The current length option is midi. The dress will accentuate graceful ankles and, if necessary, hide problem areas. A wide range of models allows you to choose the right option for each type of figure.

Black dress for New Year 2022

How to celebrate the New Year

What to wear for the New Year

Dress for New Year 2022

Leather dress for New Year

The current material of 2022 is natural or eco-leather. Natural fabrics are always in fashion: cotton, linen, wool, silk. On New Year’s Eve, silver and gold dresses are appropriate, as well as models with lace, sequins, fringes. If the New Year’s Eve is planned outside the city in the house, then it will be cozy and comfortable to spend the holiday in a knitted sweater dress.

Knitted dress for New Year

Alternative options

Not only in a dress can you look irresistible on New Year’s Eve. For those who want to emphasize their individuality, but at the same time feel comfortable, there are many alternative options for a festive look. These are all kinds of skirts, tops, blouses, trouser suits and even evening overalls.

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Skirt and top

A great alternative to a dress. Subsequently, parts of the set can be combined with other things in the wardrobe and create new looks.

Skirt for New Year 2022

The choice of models and materials is wide enough:

  • Lingerie-style skirts, flying chiffon or lace models will be appropriate for a celebration in a warm indoor space. Combine with tops with thin straps made of flowing fabric or turtlenecks made of the finest soft mohair or cashmere.
  • Leather. Dear, status material. Leather skirts of basic colors are well complemented by bright blouses and tops, but a bright leather skirt is better to “make friends” with a neutral top.
  • Quilted or embossed skirts in combination with a fitted top will be a worthy alternative to a knitted dress when the New Year is planned outside the city with night walks and round dances. It will be nice, warm and comfortable.
  • Pleated skirts do not give up their positions, and thanks to the variety of lengths and materials, a variety of outfits are created with them.

What kind of skirt to wear for the New Year

Which skirt to choose for the New Year 2022

Skirts with a wrap, fluffy tutus, strict pencils also turn into festive ones if they are correctly set.

Evening jumpsuits

The most boring and stylish alternative to a dress is an evening jumpsuit. It can be made from different materials: from light “summer” fabrics (chiffon, silk, viscose) to “warmer” dense ones (leather, suede, suede fabric).

Evening jumpsuit for New Year 2022

On New Year’s Eve, a snow-white sleeveless jumpsuit with palazzo trousers will look spectacular. Models decorated with sequins, embroidery, feathers are relevant. Form-fitting asymmetrical models, such as a one-shoulder jumpsuit, highlight a beautiful figure. The American armhole will reveal graceful shoulders. Loose trousers, drapery at the waist and deep neckline will help hide slight imperfections and emphasize significant advantages.

Evening jumpsuit for New Year 2022

Jumpsuit for New Year 2022


A women’s trouser suit can be worn not only to the office or to a business meeting. For an evening look, a suit with a jacket with a deep V-neck is suitable. Suits with elongated jackets, custom-cut sleeves or no sleeves at all look unusual and stylish. Bright prints, sequins and other decorative elements are appropriate for the New Year.

Women's suit for New Year 2022

Suit for New Year 2022

Evening suit for the New Year 2022

Pants / Shorts and Top

Another uncommon set is trousers or shorts with a top. It is unlikely that anyone else will be dressed in the same way, which means that this is a great opportunity to stand out. Leather or suede shorts or trousers go well with silk or lace tops and blouses.

Women's pants for the New Year 2022

What to wear for New Year 2022

What to wear to a New Year's party

Set with shorts for the New Year

The choice of image is influenced by many factors: the place where the holiday will be held, the company, the presence of a dress code, is it planned to walk on New Year’s Eve. And most importantly, you should be comfortable. Nothing is more beautiful than self-confidence. Holiday greetings!

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