How to choose a set of cosmetics as a gift

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How to choose a set of cosmetics as a gift

Cosmetics are a universal gift for any holiday, but every year its assortment grows, buyers delve deeper into “the topic” and more and more demands are made on funds. This trend has transformed simple and quick selection of cosmetics into a subtle art with a lot of nuances. And even if half are just a marketing ploy, they affect the level of satisfaction with the gift. Is it worth the risk? Are there any win-win options? And how to choose a gift set for women in EVA?

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Rule # 1: Look closely and listen

If you have already decided to give cosmetics, then you will have to be very attentive to the comments of the future gifted. For example, girls often share information about what kind of cream makes the skin silky, what perfume they “checked out”, what kind of lipstick holds firm … You can also often hear negative reviews: shadows roll, deodorant does not help, hand cream has an unbearable smell. Well, do not forget about the phrases: “From the next salary, I will definitely buy myself this mascara!” All these nuances are direct prerequisites and tips for the right purchase.

External observations are also important. If your friend, mom or sister wears nude makeup, then purple lip tint is unlikely to win her heart.

Markers to narrow your search

What information can help you refine your search?

  • Age. Focus on the line of skincare products designed for the age-related needs of the skin.
  • Skin and hair type. This is more difficult, but with a closer acquaintance, you can figure it out. For example, mature, dry skin or curly hair give it away.
  • Appointment. Korean brands, for example, create series of cosmetics to meet specific needs. With more intimate communication, information about skin or hair problems may become available.
  • Preferences. Remember the importance of listening and looking closely.
  • Structure. Natural, organic and vegan cosmetics are at their peak. For some, this nuance is very important, if not the main thing. Others rely on efficiency and do not worry about synthetic components. Before buying, ask the person’s opinion on the matter.
  • Quality. It is better to give preference to popular brands that are not lower than the middle segment, which will reduce the likelihood of error.
  • Views. On the packaging you can find the marks “does not contain animal components”, “not tested on animals”, “packaging from recyclable materials”, “packaging is recyclable”, “biodegradable formula”, etc. If the gifted person takes a principled position in matters of ecology and protection of rights animals, this point is also important to consider.
How to choose a set of cosmetics

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High-risk foods

Even with careful preparation, there are remedies that are too easy to miss.

  • Perfumery – walking on a blade. If you have not heard the exact names, it is better not to risk it, because even one wrong note in the pyramid can spoil the impression. But buying another bottle of your favorite perfume is not a shame.
  • Anti-aging cosmetics. If this is not a gift to a very close person, for example, a mother, then it is better to choose a different path, because such gifts can offend.
  • Anti-cellulite care. Similar to anti-aging.
  • Delicate care. If a person has sensitive skin, it is not known what exactly it reacts to, and in case of a mistake, the gift will bring more negativity than good.
  • One shade. A makeup kit might include, for example, a luxurious red lipstick. Are you sure that red is her color? If not, avoid such gifts.
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Win-win options

Despite all the difficulties, there are products that are highly likely to be useful.

  • Natural scrubs. Body care kits with scrubs, oils and massage brushes are now popular. The only thing that needs to be clarified is whether there is an allergy to oils, which are often included in the composition of products.
  • Bath. Scented bombs, salt, foam, and natural bath powder are great options, but also ask about oil allergies.
  • Perfumed care. Even if you miss a little with the scent, it is not as critical as with the perfume.
  • Nail care. Nourishing oils, cuticle products and neutral nail polish are also the chances here.
  • Foot care. Few people have sensitive skin on their feet, so you can safely choose a ready-made set with a scrub, cream, foot masks and, for example, a care accessory.
  • Palette. If eyeshadow, then a whole palette with a variety of shades (fortunately today in one palette there can be 200 shades).
  • Typesetting palettes. A case with basic makeup products that are easy to spot and replace if they don’t fit.
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As you can see, the search for cosmetics as a gift is not so scary, especially if you managed to collect enough information. Having decided on the direction, give preference to ready-made gift sets, since in them the manufacturer himself has collected products that perfectly combine and complement each other’s action.

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