How to choose socks for children?

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How to choose socks for children?

Baby socks must be present in the baby’s wardrobe. Today there are many similar products: for everyday wear or bright with a print, woolen, cotton, long, short, etc. With the help of such products, you can warm a child’s legs or become their decoration for a holiday. The main condition is a correctly matched pair.

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Why it is important to choose the right socks

When choosing socks for children, it is necessary to take into account the fact that they must be made of high quality materials, since the baby’s foot is delicate, and low-quality products can cause discomfort, irritation and an allergic reaction.

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Types of socks for children

Socks can be of different lengths:

  • short, ankle-deep;
  • medium, slightly above the ankle;
  • long, up to mid-calf.

They are classified according to the season: summer, winter, all-season.

Material classification:

  1. Thin knitwear – such products are intended for daily wear at home, on the street, or for sleeping. They consist of 100% cotton, or in small proportions with synthetics. Various colors for boys and girls.
  2. Thick knitwear – the material is comfortable, pleasant and does not irritate the skin. Often dense jerseys are made with terry inside.
  3. Terry hosiery is the most comfortable and warm for the off-season. They do not slip, it is convenient to play in them, they are pleasant to warmth, they are comfortable to sleep in, etc.
  4. Woolen – a material of natural origin with high thermal properties. When buying such products, it is better to try on or exactly to size. This is due to the fact that wool, like knitwear, does not stretch, so there is a high probability that the leg will not pass along the width and elasticity of the elastic.

The main criteria for choosing socks

There are important aspects of choosing socks for your baby:

  1. Material. First of all, the fabric should not cause allergies and be completely natural. Cotton is the best choice for the warmer months, while soft wool socks for babies are ideal for the cold season.
  2. Finishing. Quality products are carefully crafted. Even if socks are bought for a festive event, all decorative elements must be tightly sewn. And if a pair is meant for daily wear, then buy the simplest one, although it may be bright.
  3. The size. It is not worth buying socks for children to grow up. They can be not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous, as it is easy to stumble and fall on slipped socks.

To make the child feel as comfortable as possible, he should have a lot of hosiery.

How to determine the correct size

When going with your child to the store to shop, remember that sellers often do not allow you to try on socks, so if you have not measured the leg of your child in advance, you will have to buy them by eye. To find out the exact size of your baby’s feet, you need to circle his foot along the contour on the album sheet. Then measure the length of the stencil in centimeters with a ruler from the thumb to the most protruding point of the heel. In addition, you can remove the insole from the shoe that fits your baby and measure it the same way. If the result is not an integer, for example, 12.7, then you need to round it up to a larger value. It is important to know that when buying knitted socks for babies made of thick wool, their size should be at least one size larger, since children do not wear them on bare feet.

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