How to Cut Hair at Home for Men, Women and Children

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How to Cut Hair at Home for Men, Women and Children

If you want to learn how cut hair at home Then read on to discover the secrets and tricks you won’t find anywhere else.

It usually happens that when you visit the beauty salon to get a haircut, the results are not what you expect and you end up hating your new look.

To avoid these bad times, it is essential that you learn to cut your hair yourself, the points in favor are endless.

You can wear a totally cutting-edge hair style, just as you like, without additional costs and you will be ready in a few minutes.

So it’s worth a try.

how to cut hair at home

If your intention is to renew your hair with a subtle and beautiful touch, I bring you the best tricks and tips so that you can cut your hair and that of your family in a simple and fashionable way.

It is good to dare to change and lose the fear of cutting your kilometric hair.

A slight cut can give your look a fresh and attractive look without much effort.

Don’t let the closing of hairdressers during confinement due to the health crisis ruin the unique appearance that characterizes you.

Take note and start shaping your hair like a professional.

Practical tips to cut hair at home

Cutting hair at home has become a frequent practice and not only to reduce expenses.

Sometimes you do not have the time to visit the salon and in situations such as those we live in today that it is necessary to stay at home, it is very useful to know some tips to obtain quality results without much effort.

Before getting down to work, keep these recommendations in mind.

1 – Wetting the hair is not the best option

wet hair

If you are a beginner it is best to cut dry hair.


If you cut damp hair you will notice that when drying it will look a few centimeters shorter than what you thought you had originally cut.

Hence, the recommendation is to wash it very well and once dry take the scissors.

You will be able to control much better the length you want to achieve.

2 – Choose small, handy scissors

hair scissors

Do not spend money on a professional hairdressing scissors.

It is better to start with small scissors that allow you to cut the tips comfortably and as you practice and take confidence you can buy some from a professional stylist.

Do not use kitchen scissors or crafts to cut your mane, they could damage it.

3 – Keep in mind that it will not be perfect

imperfect haircut

Even if you want to achieve a perfect, healthy and polished result, this will not be the first time you cut your hair at home.

In the event that you are not used to cutting your hair, the best thing without hesitation is that you cut only a measure of a finger from the ends.

If you find that you like the result, you can encourage yourself to continue, but don’t always get too excited about the scissors.

4 – Cut only the hair that is visible

cut hair at home

A good trick is to cut the hair from the back is to join it to the hair from the front with the help of two pigtails and thus make the cut you need.

Thus, you only have to cut all the hair at once and touch up at the end.

The back is better to be touched by a friend to avoid damaging the style you achieved.

Do not lean against a mirror to cut the back of the hair.

5 – Curl dry hair to better cut the ends

cut hair yourself

Another trick to cut the ends easily and evenly is to tightly wrap dry sections of about two centimeters of hair around the index finger.

The ends that appear when you finish winding can be broken ends that you must cut.

This way you ensure that the result will be even and verbose.

How to cut hair at home Step by Step?

Video that teaches you how to cut your hair yourself

Since the world is in alarm due to the pandemic, you certainly canceled your appointment at the beauty salon, but that is no reason to stop showing off a beautiful and healthy mane.

  1. Lose your fear and change your look at home based on the tips I shared earlier. Before you begin you will need to have on hand small sharp scissors and a fine-toothed comb.
  2. Make sure you have clean, dry and combed hair. As I have told you, you should bear in mind that, although stylists cut wet hair for greater precision, they have the experience and knowledge necessary to know how to cut in these conditions.
  3. If you are not an expert, it is recommended that you dry it and comb it as you usually wear it every day. So you can have an accurate view of the result you are getting.

Remember that if you work on wet hair you risk leaving it shorter than you want.

Gradually cut hair

When you start cutting, keep in mind that you won’t get the final cut all at once.

The best alternative is to start the haircut with small sections and gradually move forward as you notice that you don’t make mistakes and like what you see.

In other words, start by cutting a small amount and move forward as you feel comfortable.

It is ideal to start at the front to initially work the strands that frame the face and place the back towards the front to see what you are cutting and avoid blemishes.

How to cut the bangs?

Whether you have the bangs longer than you usually wear, you want to take advantage of the days of quarantine to give a fresh touch to your image or you just want to change the shape of your fringe a little, it is ideal to know how to cut it at home. Therefore, we tell you one step at a time so that you can achieve it without dying in the attempt.

how to cut hair bangs
bangs cut in women

In this case you must follow the same rules necessary to cut the rest of the hair, have on hand a fine-bristled comb, sharp scissors and your fringe very dry. If you need to have a little more precision when cutting, just lightly moisten the strands with a spray bottle so you can handle it better.

  • The idea is to make it look slightly damp but retain its texture so you can appreciate what the end result will look like. A good advice is to cut it a little longer than you want and then when it is dry, touch up if necessary.
  • The easiest cut you can make to the bangs when you are a beginner is at the level of the eyebrows, it is a very popular style that gives a fresh and young appearance to the face. You just need to make sure to cut straight just below the eyebrows so that the bangs are flush with them when drying.
  • In addition, this is a versatile option since you can use it completely on one side, covering the forehead very bushy or open on each side curtain style. Not for nothing is one of the best recommendations to start cutting hair at home.

How to cut a man’s hair?

Cutting a man’s hair is a challenge that many girls are afraid to take on, but the truth is that you can achieve it by just following a few simple steps that will help you face the task successfully.

Video that teaches you how to cut your hair yourself in the bathroom

Whether with scissors or a machine you will see that your boy will look impeccable and he will not need to visit the barber shop as often.

To get started, have a fine comb ready, preferably sharp but not professional hair scissors, or machine and a cape or towel.

If you want to use scissors it is ideal that you slightly moisten the hair and if instead you will work with a machine, do it on dry hair.

haircut men scissors machine
cutting measures with machine and scissors in men’s hair

Cut with scissors

  1. You must use your fingers or a comb to guide you is the best
  2. Cut from the front of the head to the back, matching each area.
  3. To avoid imperfections it is recommended to take the scissors correctly with the ring finger and thumb,
  4. To then comb with the comb down and match the finish.
  5. You can also start the cut from the back of the head by matching the entire area from the hairline
  6. Then leave the front to help make the hairstyle much more comfortable.

Machine cut

If you want to make a gentleman’s cut with the machine, the easiest option for beginners is the shaved style.

  1. It consists of using the same number throughout the head to achieve an even and even finish.
  2. By opting for a low number comb you will get shorter hair and the other numbers will provide a rounded and natural look.
  3. Start by making gentle passes from the sides of the head from the bottom up
  4. In the next step continue in the same way with the rear area and culminate with the upper part making passes from front to back. Thus the result will be uniform.
  5. For the temples, remove the comb from the machine and make smooth and precise cuts.

How to cut a child’s hair?

boys haircut
cut measures for children with machine and scissors

Guys are a little more difficult when it comes to haircuts, but this does not mean that the task is impossible.

The most important thing is to keep the little one calm and also have a lot of patience to achieve the desired result.

The best recommendation is to start with the basics until you and the child take a liking to this routine.

  1. Choose a quiet place at home where the little one feels comfortable to facilitate the task, if you have your toy or console to entertain yourself, it can be favorable.
  2. Place a towel covering the back of the child so that he does not feel itching or discomfort of the hair that falls out once cut.
  3. With the spray, slightly moisten the hair without dripping. Put another towel over your hair to remove excess water.
  4. Do not cut too much, start small and once the hair is dry you can touch up if necessary.
  5. To cut the straight bangs guide yourself from a fine comb and cut slowly with the sharp scissors.
  6. If you want to fix the sideburns, after combing them, gently cut them a little longer than you should.
  7. If you want to adjust a long cut that has lost its shape, style it first, get rid of uneven areas, and then align all the rest of the hair.
  8. If instead you want to cut with a machine, start from the nape of the neck and carry out a test to check if the selected length is correct, and then we proceed on the entire length of the hair in the same way that a man’s hair is cut.

How to cut your hair straight?

cut straight hair at home yourself

It is possible that you have the ends of the hair in poor condition and you need to cut them urgently to restore the vitality and healthy appearance of your hair.

With the closure of hairdressing salons, the idea of ​​showing off a well-groomed mane seems very distant, but with a straight line touch-up you will once again enjoy manageable hair.

  1. Make the parting in the middle and divide the hair into two parts, then comb through both sections very well and bring them forward.
  2. When you have dry, well-groomed hair, bring the two sections together in a single ponytail just below your chin without over-squeezing.
  3. Gently position the ponytail to the desired size and cut with the sharp scissors and with precision.
  4. Then release the mane and you will see how you will have a perfect straight cut.
  5. For a much more professional finish, you only need to run the flat iron straight through the hair and then trim the tips that have not been straight.

Now you can show off your mane with the parting in the middle, to the side, perfectly smooth, with waves or even all to the back with the help of a good quality fixer.

How to cut hair in long layers?

cut hair in layers

The long layers in the hair add volume and movement, so if your mane is not so dense this alternative is great to make it look thicker.

Also, if your hair is long and you feel daring with the idea of ​​cutting it yourself at home, perhaps these tips will help you achieve a most beautiful change of look.

There are several ways to get a long layered cut, here I explain a simple technique that you can carry out with tools that you surely have at home.

  1. The first step will be to moisten the hair just a little so that it does not shrink too much when drying,
  2. Perfectly comb everything forward and then make a ponytail that is approximately between the eyebrows.
  3. The shortest layer of hair will be right where you make the first cut, this time I recommend that it be under the chin.
  4. Cut the hair in a challenging way and then make small cuts at the ends to make them look like subtle topstitching.
  5. Now just let go of the ponytail and you will see that the hair has been left in smooth and even layers.
  6. Take the front part of the hair of the desired thickness to form the bangs, hold it straight and give it three turns, then cut it where you want approximately bangs.
  7. Repeat the process to the other side and you will see how an even curved cut is created that will frame your face.
  8. If you don’t want a short fringe, just lower the ends a little.

If you want you can mark the layers more and give it a rounded effect on the back.

This look is usually worn as a slightly casual scaled cut with the ends scattered or combed up to make the layers even more noticeable.

Give your hair the style you like best.

How to cut degraftado hair?

haircut graffiti at home

This style is very similar to the previous one with the difference that the layers do not look as marked and the unique touch is much more casual and retro.

Although it may seem complicated, you can also achieve this graphite cut at home.

Pay attention to the steps.

Before starting work, have sharp scissors, a water spray, tweezers to hold the hair and a fine comb nearby.

  1. Lightly moisten the hair, comb it until it is completely untangled and divide it into three partitions, two sides starting from a line in the middle without reaching the nape and one at the back.
  2. Hold the back with a clamp and release the two front parts.
  3. Spray the hair again if you notice that it is very dry and divide these two sections into three others, so that there are two sides that you must hold with tweezers and a central one that will serve as a guide.
  4. Now it’s time for you to start cutting.
  5. First, take a not very thick lock, this will be the reference.
  6. Cut it by tapping, always diagonal.
  7. Then, take another lock, the same thickness as the previous one and cut it according to the guide of the first one, but cut it half a centimeter less.
  8. Repeat the same action until you have ready.
  9. When you have the center section and the sides already drawn, release them and comb everything towards the center including the back of the hair.
  10. Cut along the line of the first strand you used as a reference.
  11. Then release the mane, comb it to your liking and you will already have a very original graffito cut to show in the photos of the networks.

How to cut Bob style hair?

bob haircut at home

This trendy style could not be missing in this list of proposals for haircuts at home.

It is an extremely jovial option that does not go out of style, it can be used on short and medium hair, and it is also seen in various celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Alexa Chung.

You will be surprised how easy it is to get it at home.

As in the previous proposals, you need to start the Bob cut with previously clean and slightly damp hair.

  1. Gently detangle all the hair and make the part in the middle or side as you always wear it
  2. Take all the hair back evenly and hold a rubber band at the nape of the neck that is very firm,
  3. Lower the rubber just a little if you don’t want such a short style and you should cut straight just below the ponytail.
  4. Now bring all the hair forward and gently parade all the ends with the scissors or with the help of a razor.
  5. This step should be done with patience, great care and avoiding excessive parading so that there is no sloppy finish.

Now you already have a beautiful and avant-garde style in your hair.

How to cut V hair?

v haircut at home already

This cut results in a peaky appearance where the front of the hair looks shorter and as it goes towards the back it grows longer with a kind of very delicate gradient.

It is usually one of the favorites of girls who want to maintain the length of their hair and show off a very subtle grafilar without exaggerating the volume.

Do it yourself at home!

  1. This cut is preferable with completely dry hair and, if possible, straightened to achieve a precise and uniform finish.
  2. Detangle the entire mane very well and bring it fully forward to form a tight ponytail.
  3. Re-comb the ponytail very well to make sure there are no knots in the hair and place another ponytail that will serve as a guide to cut, so you should place it just at the height of the hair you want to remove.
  4. Now cut just flush with the second ponytail straight. If you want shorter hair, put the second rubber back to the desired height and cut the hair flush completely straight.
  5. The next step is to take the ponytail that resulted from the cut, position the sharp scissors vertically and gently parade the hair. Release the pigtails, comb through all the hair again and make a line in the middle to divide two side sections.
  6. Grab each section of hair and begin to parade the ends in more detail, just to make the finish feel a bit more pronounced.

In this way you will have a striking V-cut that will highlight the length of your hair.

Tips to keep in mind before cutting your hair

Before taking the scissors and getting down to work with your haircut at home, there are some tips that you should keep in mind to obtain the most favorable result possible.

Keep in mind that, although in the tutorials the task seems simple, you must treat your mane with great care so as not to damage your hair, cut it more than you want or achieve an uneven finish.

Use the indicated tools to take care of your hair

Of course, the main tool you need is a sharp scissor.

But BEWARE, not all scissors will help you achieve a healthy and beautiful result.

The best thing you can do is have special scissors to cut hair on hand.

They do not need to be professionals, but they must be designed for this purpose.

And it is that, if you use sewing scissors, kitchen, office or crafts you could have adverse effects on your mane.

Daily use scissors open the ends of the hair, favoring the breakage of the strands and dryness.

Don’t make a drastic change

As we have said before, if you do not have a hairdressing experience, it is best to only focus on making small touches until you can reschedule an appointment with your trusted stylist.

Start only by removing the tips that are abused without exceeding centimeters.

Once you have practice, if you feel more confident you can try daring cuts gradually.

The idea is that you do not try to make haircuts with high difficulty that achieve a radical change that usually need the support of experts in the area.

Pay close attention to the fringe

The bangs are the most notorious part of your hair, it also frames the face, so when cutting it at home you must take special care not to get a result contrary to what you want.

Never cut it wet, because then it will shrink and may be very short, remove small parts of hair at first and always leave it a little longer than you intended to cut.

Be very patient

When you go to cut your hair, the most important thing is that you choose a comfortable and quiet place, be serene and take your time to obtain the results you want.

You don’t need to try to finish the cut as fast as the stylist would.

Patience is a great virtue and in this way you will have greater precision while doing the work and you will feel much more confident.

How to take care of the hair to avoid cutting it often?

homemade hair masks

A haircut never hurts, it makes you look younger and sexier, however there are some care tips that you can follow to avoid cutting it too often and giving you time to meet with your stylist again.

You just need to do your part and you will see that soon you start to enjoy beautiful and nourished hair.

  • Choose a restorative care line: These hair lines often contain natural oils and vitamins that repair hair from the inside, which is great for cleaning strands that have lost vitality, shine or are brittle and with split ends.
  • Prefer products with natural ingredients: When buying hair care products, choose those without silicones, sulfates, parabens and other chemicals, since they apparently keep hair healthy, but this is superficial.
  • Apply a night repair treatment: In the market you find a variety of options that you can adapt to your type of mane and are very nutritious to care for the strands during the hours of rest.
  • Use nutritional conditioners: During washing do not forget to apply a conditioner rich in amino acids and proteins, these have a powerful nourishing effect on the hair.
  • Don’t untangle it with fine combs: These utensils break the hair, detangle it with a thick bristle brush and from the ends to the roots. It is best to do this process with damp hair after showering.
  • Avoid washing your hair every day: The best cleaning routine for hair is to wash it every two to three times a week. If your hair is very greasy wash it at least one day in between. Frequent washes make the strand even more brittle.
  • Do not hold the hair with rubber bands: instead he uses combs, the very tight rubber bands mark and promote hair breakage. You can wear bandanas or bandanas that look very cute, fashionable and do not spoil the mane.
  • Rest from heat artifacts: During the quarantine, avoid using the irons and tongs, apply creams or styling serum, mold the hair with a mouse and let it air dry, also enjoy a natural look.

As you can see, it is possible to cut your hair at home while you have the opportunity to receive intensive treatments and innovative cuts from the hand of your trusted professional.

For now, I recommend you take advantage of this rest time to pamper yourself, take care of yourself, feel pretty and above all, give your hair the pampering it so badly needs.

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