How to disassemble a wardrobe without the help of a stylist

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How to disassemble a wardrobe without the help of a stylist

As much as we would not want it, but the recent events in the world have left their imprint on the everyday life of every person.

We have learned to spend more time at home, and have learned how to spend it with benefit – someone is undergoing online training, someone has remote work, and someone just began to devote more time to the comfort of the house. But be that as it may, if the closet is not comfortable, then the “space cleaning mission” does not count.

We disassemble the wardrobe and sort things

But only one person will not want to waste their time sorting out the wardrobe, others find it difficult to say goodbye to outdated things, and still others simply do not understand how to properly disassemble the wardrobe. And therefore, many seek help from a stylist.

But let’s be honest, not everyone decides to seek help from a specialist. Therefore, dear girls, this article is for you! Let’s start with the fact that wardrobe analysis is needed first of all in order to get rid of the illusion: “a wardrobe full of things, but nothing to put on.”

How to disassemble a wardrobe on your own without a stylist

Let’s move on to a step-by-step analysis of the wardrobe

  • Step 1. Prepare empty boxes or bags
  • Step 2. We remove dirty, worn out, unusable things
  • Step 3. We put things that need repair into a special box.
  • Step 4. We remove things that we do not like, that we have not worn for a long time
  • Step 5. We remove things that are not in size for us
  • Step 6. We remove things of outdated styles and things that were bought more than 10 years ago (most likely they are also outdated) Step
  • 7. All that remains, we need to try on ourselves
Disassemble the cabinet yourself

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How many and what things you need to have in the wardrobe


For convenience, before trying on, we sort things according to the following principle:

  • Bottom to bottom
  • Tops with Tops
  • Shoes with shoes
  • Tote bags
  • Jewelry with ornaments

We try on all the clothes and put aside those things that we don’t know what to wear with. And to things that suit you and that need to be combined with something, for example, skirts, trousers, tops, etc. make up sets. It is most convenient to make sets on yourself – this is how you see how the clothes look on you. It is advisable to photograph each image so as not to forget the successful combinations. And for photos of successful sets, you can create a separate folder in your phone so that you always have a “reminder” with you or, as stylists say, a lookbook. This will help you when there is “nothing to wear” again.

How to properly disassemble a wardrobe

If the wardrobe lacks some elements of things, you need to describe in as much detail as possible every thing that is missing to create sets, for example, a red A-line skirt below the knees without decor or classic black straight-cut trousers with a high waist.

After analyzing the wardrobe, it is important to beautifully fold and hang the remaining things back. Here you can also be guided by the recommendation of sorting by categories and arrange things in this way: place those things that you wear constantly in a conspicuous place, while the rest of the things can be neatly folded / hung away. For convenience, you can also arrange things by color.

To ensure that the analysis of your wardrobe does not drag on for the whole day, set a deadline for yourself. Usually, parsing takes up to 4 hours, otherwise you risk getting very tired and abandoning this case. It is also recommended to do the analysis in daylight, so that every nuance of clothing (if any) is more clearly visible. And finally, I want to say that the things in the wardrobe should work for you, not you for the things!

Violetta Lushnikova, stylist-image maker


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