How to harden your nails?

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How to harden your nails?

About a quarter of women French have soft nails. This is the conclusion that Pierre Ribeiro, expert Essie Beautybar One. "More than half of our clients have soft, streaked or split nail problems".

Your nails can be soft for several reasons: "There are some for whom the problem is intrinsicit's just nature of the nailexplains the expert. The worry can also come from a lack of vitamins".

Opt for oils

"French women are not usually used to taking care of their nails". To find the health, Pierre Ribeiro recommends first and foremost to take care of his cuticles, that is to say the skin which surrounds the nail at its base. "By taking care of your cuticles, we try to solve the problem at the source"he explains.

How to do ? With any vegetable oil: "All the oils do the trick, which is really important, it's good massage the cuticles by applying them ". He also advises to perform these massages once a day ideally to have healthy nails.

Make cures

"There will be a real result". The cures promise stronger nails. This is to apply a specific care a little every day for about 3 weeks.

If we do not want to wait, other solutions exist to realize in institute. "One can for example make a care based on eggshell protein that offers a result quick and effectiveexplains the expert. "The product is catalyzed under an LED lamp, which allows to harden thenail". The client must come three times (every 8 to 10 days) for a optimal result. Price side, count about thirty euros per session.

Opt for the construction gel

This solution is acclaimed by "The majority of women who suffer from soft nails", says Pierre Ribeiro. If the problem is not solved, this technique allows the nail not to break and to be more long. This is to place a paper under the nail and build on it according to the wishes of the client: "We can do more or less long according to his tastes".

If this technique is "very effective", it requires someinterview. Retouching should be done every 2 to 3 weeks. The price of a session of an hour and a half on average, is between 50 and 80 euros according to nail bar. "The result is very natural, if the technique is well done, warns the expert.

Thanks to Pierre Ribeiro, expert Essie Beautybar One, for his advice.

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