How to Make a Quick and Easy Herringbone Braid (root and side)

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How to Make a Quick and Easy Herringbone Braid (root and side)

If you are looking for how to get one braid pin Then you came to the right place, since I am going to explain step by step how to do it but also all the tips and secrets that can exist for this beautiful braid also called Fish tail.

There are many types of braids but the so-called «Fishtail» is one of the most popular among the famous ones as you can see that it is used a lot because it is easy to apply when you have long hair but also because it is very elegant and gives a volume to your hair that with other hairstyles you could not achieve naturally.

Celebrities and celebrities like Blake Lively, Eva Longoria or Sarah Hyland are some who dare to wear this type of hairstyle collected with a ponytail on catwalks and social events since it can be used for every day as well as for parties or celebrations, combining the clothing according to the occasion.

How to make a herringbone braid

This braid is called herringbone braid or fishtail and it is used many times to keep hair in a neat, elegant way but above all because it is very easy to do and looks beautiful for both adult women and girls.

In this case I will give you an example of how to make a side herringbone braid, but you can accommodate it wherever you want.

  1. The first thing you have to do is untangle all your hair very well so that you can avoid the knots that form can bother you for the final hairstyle.
  2. Now you have to make a line on your head to move the hair to where you want it to be in the middle, to the side or you can send all the hair back. I personally like to wear the hairstyle from the side and from the feeling that falls on the shoulder.
  3. The next step you can collect your hair with a hair band or an elastic band which will allow you to fix the hair to be able to work it in a simple way without moving it.
  4. You start making a simple and common ponytail or ponytail from the side you choose. To then divide the hair in half to have two locks in equal parts.
  5. Now what you have to do is take a small wick from one of the two pigtails and pass it through the other strand of the two previous equal parts. You repeat this process but with the other lock passing a wick for the lock that is the same.
  6. This is the main process that you have to carry out up to the ends of your hair and hold with a hair band that is discreet that can have the same hair color that you are using.

As a tip, you should take fine highlights so that the spike braid is better armed and with more definition your hairstyle.

Another point if you want the initial hair band that you put to hold your hair like a ponytail can cut with a scissor so that you simply have the braided spike as a hairstyle.

How to make a root herringbone braid

Now I am going to explain to you how the root herringbone braids are made since it is a different way and with a different hairstyle to the classic one you know.

  1. As a first place you have to define in which part of your hair you will start to do the braiding, once you define that you can think about the next step.
  2. Pick up a small ponytail from the selected area and divide it into three sections of wicks that would be locks of equal thickness that are derived from the ponytail.
  3. To start you cross the strands as if you were making a normal (French) braid but then you have to add other strands of the ends of the head. This part is essential to understand it well since it is part of the braiding, when you already have between two or three braids you start to take locks of the end of the loose hair one on each side.
  4. This does it is to feed the braid from wicks at the ends of the head, for each section you leave and continue feeding from the two sides to the herringbone braid.
  5. You repeat this whole process until the end of the tips.
  6. So that it fits you well the braid adjusts every so often and then when finished at the ends so that it is fixed and you can add a hair band to finish or a hair band.

If you were to have very long hair then when you reach the nape of the neck and your entire head is already wrapped in this root herringbone braid hairstyle then you continue braiding in a classic way.

As a main advice, try to ensure that all the strands have the same amount of hair or, or at least simply, see that the thickness is as similar in thickness as possible.

Try that the rubber is discreet and use the same hair color that you have at that moment so that it goes unnoticed in the hairstyle.

You will notice that unlike the simple herringbone braid here the whole hair is taken to make this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is very beautiful if you want to wear it for a wedding or wedding as a guest or for the bride as it combines excellently with party or bridal dresses.

How to make a side root herringbone braid

In the first step by step I explain how to make a classic root herringbone braid but with the option of doing it on your side or backwards, in this case I will show you how it is done from above and that you stay on one side over your shoulder naturally.

It’s also called a fish braid from above since it starts from the center or front of your head.

It is undoubtedly one of the most complicated to say in any way since if you learn to do this type of braiding you will be able to battle any type of braid you want to do.

The longer you have your hair, the longer it will take, so you have to be patient and the first few times do it very calmly and patiently until you take the practice and it comes out quickly and naturally.

  1. Divide your hair into two parts but that the area where you want to braid yourself has a little more hair so one part will have a little more than the other. (you don’t have to divide it equally)
  2. Take a small lock of your bangs from the area in front of your forehead and divide it into two locks, one which we will call “A” and the other “B” to be able to distinguish.
  3. From the lock you named “A” you are going to take a small piece of hair and pass it underneath to join it with the lock “B”, in the next step you take a piece of hair from the lock “B” and then pass it under and join it with the lock “A”.
  4. To continue, you take a small strand from the outside on the forehead of your head and join it with a wick on the “A” side and pass it all together to the side that is the “B” wick.
  5. Now you continue to take a strand from the outside but from the top of the head (from above) from the opposite side to the forehead and pick up a part of the strand «B» and pass it to the «A» side.
  6. You continue this whole process repeating each step and memorizing until you do this hairstyle automatically.

Making this type of herringbone braid from above will achieve a different effect on your hairstyle with more personality but above all more detail than you are used to seeing in celebrities or celebrities.

The great advantage that if you learn this process you can do it whenever you want and for a special moment that you want to highlight both at a party and an important event of your intimate life.

If you learn to do this type of braiding, you will certainly have no problem then to apply the process with different modifications to another type of braid that you like, since for me this is one of the most complicated but with time you begin to learn its tricks and tricks you may have to quickly implement.

Images of Hairstyles with Herringbone Braid

The herringbone braid can be worn in different ways depending on the look you use as well as the tastes and type of hair you have as it will influence the final result.

You can wear it in a “Maxi Braid” where you highlight the volume of the braid using it on one side of your face that you want to highlight or that draws attention to all eyes.

double thick herringbone braid

Another hairstyle option is to wear it with “two pigtails in pairs” that are very beautiful to give a more youthful tone to your face.

herringbone braid two pigtails

Short hair is a good option to implement it especially in hairstyles where you want to highlight your forehead. I recommend on small, round faces.

inverted short hair herringbone braid

In a semi-collected hairstyle it is an excellent option to wear your hair tied but loose at the same time and be able to look beautiful at all times of the day.

herringbone semi braid

Using in a high ponytail is another option that I suggest for herringbone hairstyles, but consider that you will attract a lot of attention if your idea is to go unnoticed.

spike braid high ponytail for girls

The herringbone braid is a good option for girls who go to school to have it collected in an elegant and neat way.

Styled in a crown or wearing it like a headband can be amazing to wear a dream dress like a princess.

herringbone braid headband

The hairstyle on one side with the herringbone braid is the option that all women think of as it is like wearing a natural accessory in our hair.

side herringbone braid

Another way that is used is by wearing bright colored dyes on your head that are out of the ordinary to traditional dyes such as pink or blue as they highlight the fishtail braid very well.

herringbone braid colored tints

How to make an inverted root herringbone braid

This procedure that I am going to teach you is very nice especially if you like the romantic style where you can use it for a 15-year-old birthday as well as for an important wedding or party.

  1. Start by brushing your hair back and try to keep the hair damp so that it is easier to braid and stay firm.
  2. Then take a lock of your hair from the top of your head and divide it into two parts so that they are two highlights and start crossing them so that they overlap as if you were forming a letter X.
  3. Once you cross those two wicks, the one that is below divides it again into two parts and you begin to unite it with a wick on the side of your head that you have to feed and it becomes thicker with volume.
  4. This step is when the braid begins to cross, repeating the same process but on the other side of the head.
  5. Therefore, you would have to divide the wick that you have left on the opposite side into two parts and feed it below with more hair and unite it with the one on the other side.
  6. Try not to adjust the braid as much so you can give the inverted herringbone braid more consistency and shape.
  7. The cadejos (tufts) or the portions of hair you always have to hold them with your hand so that you do not fall apart.

Here I leave you a video where you can see how to make the inverted root herringbone braid on natural hair

As many readers asked me about this type of hairstyle, I am going to leave you with another way of doing it that is actually similar to the technique I mentioned above but explained in more detail if you can see in the video.

When doing in a false braid you can see how the inverted spike is a matter of process and memorize once you practice it several times it will come out naturally.

  1. To start you take a lock of hair from your forehead and divide it into two parts and then each wick obtained you cross.
  2. You have to start feeding the lock of the cross that you formed above adding more hair from the side above so that it is crossed.
  3. When you change hands you have to do the crossing now underneath so that it is inverted, then divide the strand and pass it underneath to the other strand, keep in mind that before passing it you have to feed it underneath with amount of hair on the side .
  4. In this step when you have to do the hand crossing again you have to feed but divide it from the sides always from the corner and pass it underneath.
  5. When you start the process adding hair the braid from the roots, the highlights are convenient so that they are thin so that you can reach the bottom and that the part that has the hair aggregate on the sides is not too high.
  6. Always keep in mind that the main pillars are two strands that will be fed and held with the index fingers and the thumb so that the hairstyle is much better.
  7. To finish, you will be able to see that the braid becomes very thick due to the amount of volume of hair that you are adding and it is possible that it will be more difficult for you to hold due to its thickness, but you cannot let it go but you will have to start a large part again. .
  8. The braid has to go along with the hair sections on each side, so there you will realize that you are perfect in the assembly.
  9. When you reach the end of the neck where you no longer have hairs to add from the sides you have to continue doing the same braiding process crossing the hair below, and divide from the sides to feed the lock on the other side.

To finish I leave you in images all the steps so that you can understand how to make the herringbone braid, both inverted and simple.

herringbone braid steps

Another option for in just 6 steps.

inverted herringbone braid step by step

I hope you liked all these explanations step by step to have your braid pin and its different variants that are so beautiful and still in fashion today, setting a trend at the hairstyle level.

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