How to Make Balayage Highlights at Home?

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How to Make Balayage Highlights at Home?

The Balayage highlights They became fashionable among all women and more and more it is requested in hairdressers to do this color degradation in their hair.

But now I am going to explain to you how you have to do to have three-dimensional highlights or how its original name Balayage is in your home.

In my experience, my hair is currently straight and dark enough for you to have an idea on what basis of color pigmentation I was guiding myself on.

The idea is to make the most natural effect possible with less contrast and that it is very integrated with some strands of the hair.

Keep reading and you will discover the secret revealed to be much prettier with your hair with the new trend balayage step by step.

How to do Balayage highlights step by step at home?

The idea of ​​spending the entire afternoon in the salon with your head covered in foil to get beautiful highlights in your hair is a thing of the past.

For this reason, the balayage dyeing technique continues to prevail as the most demanded among modern women who want to steal looks using their best natural accessory, the hair!

Welcome to the era of light and hair with tones full of life, dare to do some balayage highlights at home and say goodbye to dull and dull hair. Getting this sunbath yourself is easier than you think, you just need to sweep the color from top to bottom, dyeing only a few fine strands.

If over the years you have learned to master the broom in housework, you can surely achieve this effect on your hair without any help.

Let’s go there!

Materials you will need:

  • Bleaching powder or tint lighter than your base color
  • 20 volume peroxide
  • Gloves
  • Container
  • Rectangular brush with fine teeth

Step by step coloring:

  1. The first thing you should do is mix very well with the help of a brush to tint the dye or bleaching powder with the 20-volume peroxide. Remember to put on the gloves to avoid staining yourself and of course, wear your dyeing shirt so as not to damage your clothes.
  2. Divide your hair into several sections starting at the back. It is important to wear your hair well detangled and be patient, since to achieve a beautiful and uniform result this process will take you some time, especially if you have thick hair.
  3. Carefully pour the product mixture you made earlier into the brush until it is very well covered and gently apply the product to the hair starting from the desired height and sweeping up more dye as you get closer to the ends. These should always be with a greater intensity of color without lightening by more than 3 tones in relation to the rest of the hair.
  4. You must choose how defined you want the look, you can make fine highlights throughout the hair or just distribute them in some areas. Do not forget to illuminate the areas near the face. Apply the dye on both sides of the hair strands and vertically to give the final finish more naturalness.
  5. Once you have all the highlights, let the product act for 20 to 45 minutes, lightening a small portion of hair until you notice the desired color. It is important at this point to follow the indications of the products you use.
  6. When you notice that you have achieved the color you like, you can proceed to wash your hair as usual with a neutral shampoo and apply just a little conditioner. You can blow-dry naturally, or use water waves to enjoy your new balayage highlights.

Undoubtedly, it is an alternative to look trendy, inexpensive and you can do them comfortably at home, if you want to try a new touch without drastic results.

You can even go for the balayage dye kits that you will find on the market. If you like hairdressing, be sure to try it!

Video of How to do Balayage Highlights by a hairdresser

What is balayage?

The Balayage is a technique for hair of French origin that mainly became fashionable in the 90’s, with which it is possible to have each woman who applies it a very uniform luminosity throughout her hair, mainly for the summer. uses.

If we look in more detail, the word balayage means to sweep or drag something to clean and this is precisely what changing the color from the root to the ends of the hair does, achieving a new look that is totally luminous and as natural as possible.

What is tried to simulate is that your hair is as shiny as if the sun had applied its solar rays all summer on your head.

To cite you some famous actresses who made this look in their hair, I can name you Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel or the model Olivia Palermo who sets a trend for her hairstyles.

This is the big difference with Californian Wicks that although they are fashionable it is very different from this technique.

The Californian Wicks originate in the decade of the 70s and the idea also arises from imitating the solar rays that affect the hair mainly of surfers on the beaches of California, hence its name.

But in this case it is much more accentuated from the middle to the ends unlike the Balayage.

Other ways to do balayage highlights at home

You need to have as an ingredient:

  • Peroxide
  • The tint or discoloration
  • Container
  • Hair brush
  • Gloves
  • Transparent paper

As in my case, I had natural hair, I did not want to lighten more than 2 tones, so this has a lot to do depending on whether your hair is already dyed before or if you have it natural and it is the first time.

I chose a 9.83 light blonde with a golden chocolate reflection in my stain.

It is very personal and you must take into account several factors, on the one hand the pigmentation of your skin, then the type of complexion you have and the basis of the color of your hair.

If you have doubts you can consult me ​​in the comments because each case is different and each head a world but the procedure then is all the same for any type of dye you choose.

Remember that if you have dyed hair you must first bleach in order to apply this technique.

Don’t you know how to bleach your hair?

So I invite you to read this article that I wrote about the best hair colors for this year.

Mix the bleaching powders with the 20 volume hydrogen peroxide.

Now let’s start with the mixture where you have to put the dye or bleaching powders in the container with the hydrogen peroxide that the kit can bring you or you already have it for these occasions.

He peroxide Try to be the one that comes in the tincture package, do not use another that is not adequate since the mixture must be homogeneous and respecting those values.

I recommend that you mix it with the hair brush that you have so as not to get your hands dirty as it stains too much, previously with the gloves on.

With a clamp or a hair tie we remove the hair from the back of the head making a kind of bun and leave the bottom part to be able to dye it.

With the transparent paper what we do is cut several pieces since we will use it for each partition of the wicks that we paint so as not to stain you.

You must place a paper on the bottom, you grab the wick above the transparent with your fingers and with the brush vertically make several strokes to make the highlights.

You can do more or less depending on the intensity you need or go higher considering the effect you want on your hair.

The wicks must be joined to make the tips clearer, for that you have to cover them completely with dye or dye as you call it.

Then you fold the plastic so that it sticks to the hair with the dye and take another lock of hair to repeat the same procedure.

Apply on the ends can be higher or lower without having any fear but you should not lighten more than two tones so that the effect remains totally natural. Then again apply with the brush vertically different strokes on top of the tips.

Finishing with covering the new strand of hair made with transparent paper.

Secret to have the most defined highlights:

What you have to do is, for example, place a slightly finer lock with less hair. Again you apply on the tips with the brush covering up to the height you want, and with a comb that is flat you add a lot of dye both on one side and the other and make the lines vertically.

Try to make the wicks higher so that it gives a more natural effect by integrating the two colors, the one above with the tone below.

To avoid showing the cuts, what you can do is to card the upper part of the hair strand before applying the dye on the ends and making the highlights.

Always remember to apply the dye to the tips with the brush and then make the highlights vertically with the comb or with the brush.

If you use bleaching it is a bit more complicated for the reason that the mixture swells and you can stain the other strands next to it.

The speed issue is important because if you are a bit slow in doing the procedure, you have to keep in mind that the highlights below are gradually lightening.

If you use dye or dye you do not have to have a problem with time.

Once you have applied to all the strands of the hair, you have to wait between 20 and 30 minutes for the dye to act. It depends on what the instructions for the brand of dye you use say.

Finally to finish you wash your hair normally.

Once dry you have the result of Balayage highlights

It may happen that you want the ends even lighter, so you must first make the highlights with the dye and then you would apply the bleach only on the tips.

Balayage or Californian Highlights?

This is a question that I hear from many women and that I always answer is it depends on different factors, but mainly on what you want to have in your hair regarding the desired effect.

Personally, I like Balayage much more because it looks much more natural, on the other hand, the Californian Wicks have a more impressive effect, it is noticeable that it is not natural but it also tries to simulate the effect of the sun’s rays.

But I’m going to go a little more in detail what are the differences regarding the technique

He Balayage It is as I mentioned before, a technique that became very fashionable today but is from the 90s. France is its origin but it becomes so popular in the world of fashion that it crosses all borders.

Thanks to the parades, this diffusion is achieved that it did not have until today it is used a lot, mainly in the summer since it simulates the rays of the sun and its effects on the hair when we go to the beach.

The luminosity of the ends and the middle of the highlights is what helps a lot to every woman to find the luminosity that we often lack.

It can be applied on long hair as well as on short hair.

It is more elaborate and more complicated to achieve the desired effect but it can be done while we methodically go with each part of our head when implementing it.

On the other hand, the Californian Wicks have a slightly older origin from the decade of the 70s but as everything happens in fashion it continues to be used and renewed.

Also of French origin but the great difference that is applied to the ends and the hair degrades towards the root of each section that you want to achieve the desired color.

You can find the classic and marked Californian highlights that the latter is advisable for dark hair.

I hope you like it and I invite you to share this article with all the steps for your friends on the social networks of Facebook and Twitter or if you wish you can get new ideas from these photos of the models wearing this look that is so fashionable in the present.

Balayage highlights style images

In long hair

loreal balayage highlights

In short hair


In half mane


Brunette balayage highlights and dark hair


Balayage highlights brown or light hair

balayage (5)
mechas balayage cabello corto
mechas balayage rubia
mechas balayage

Espero que te guste estos ejemplos y que comiences hacer tus propias mechas, cambiando tu look.

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