How to make beige highlights with a cap step by step at home

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How to make beige highlights with a cap step by step at home

Hello girls, I am going to show you in a quick step-by-step guide how to change my hair that had it dark and how I made some highlights with the hat to give my hair luminosity.

They are simple and quick steps so that you can do them whenever you want at home and above all be able to achieve that long-awaited look that many times we have to do when we want a change

We need

  1. Silicone Cap
  2. Croche needle
  3. Bleaching (whatever brand you get I use Loreal)
  4. Shampoo Purple Loreal Matiz 10.19
  5. Peroxide Volume 8 or 10 can be

How to Make Beige Wicks with a Cap

One of the advantages of doing highlights with a cap is that you protect your scalp from the dye and that is a great advantage.

But another benefit is that you can control much better the discoloration of the tone that you want without it happening to you unlike making highlights with aluminum foil.

Step 1: Brush and cap for highlights

First I brushed all my hair back so that I could then put on the rubber cap that has some small holes to be able to remove the highlights through those holes.

Clarification this same process can be done without a cap, with aluminum but you have to be very careful when dividing each area of ​​your hair since it can stain a strand that you did not have calculated, or damage your scalp.

Step 2: Pull highlights through the hole in the cap

beige highlights with hat step 1

Then with a small tweezers you start from each small hole to remove each wick out with great care and patience.

For you to have an idea, it would take me about 2 hours to be able to remove all the wicks, that depends a lot on your patience, the practicality you have and the size of each hole in your cap.

Being so small it takes longer but the effect you achieve is wonderful.

What you have to consider that the part of the nape of your head will be much more difficult to get the wicks through the hole of the cap so if you have help that can do it, it would be advisable.

That is why you have to consider that the most difficult job is simply to get the highlights out of the cap, then the other steps are simple.

Step 3: Discoloration

To begin the bleaching, what I did was use a bleach that I raised from 8 to 7 levels in the hair tone.

Then what I did was a mixture with the 30 volume bleach with which, due to the type of pigmentation that I have in my hair, I was able to achieve the perfect beige highlights.

It is a way to get to tone 9 or 10 without mistreating the hair on your head, which is the main objective, to be able to change your look but without hurting the scalp or damaging the hair, weakening it.

To apply it with a brush, you start to take the highlights by section and paint each one of them, rubbing and assuming that the discoloration is having its effect.

Always remember to use a quality bleach, which is not very foamy when applying as it will influence the final result you obtain.

Try to scrub your hair very well so that it begins to enter the hair fiber so that everything is covered as best as possible.

In my particular case, use volume 30 because I have dark, black hair, but if in your case you already have bleached hair or it is light-colored hair, I recommend using 20 volumes and checking every 15 minutes.

I know the time it takes for my hair to bleach but it depends a lot on different pigmentation factors how long it takes for each person, so be patient if it is the first time you do it.

Control very well so that your hair does not get ruined or burned when leaving the bleach for longer than it should be.

You always have to check the type of tonality you are getting but also the elasticity of the hair so that it does not dry out and break.

Step 4: Cover with foil

beige highlights with hat step 2

This is an important step where you have to cover your entire head with aluminum foil once you have covered your highlights with bleach abundantly.

I recommend that you use the kitchen aluminum foil that are thicker and give more heat to your hair to apply bleaching.

You let it act for 20 minutes and the result when you remove it will be visible.

Keep in mind that when you check how the hair color you see is, it will be a tone which seems to have already been achieved but that is not correct since it is always different from the one you want to achieve.

So for that what you have to do is take a wick and wash it to see what kind of color you got.

So I had to leave about 30 more minutes for the orange color that was still present due to the discoloration to go away.

Step 5: Remove the bleach

With enough water I begin to remove all the product from my head without taking off the latex cap, only the bleach I remove with plenty of warm water and appreciating the new look in front of a mirror.

Now my highlights will look yellow or blonde, what you have to achieve is to give it that shade that is missing.

You do not have to take off your hat since in the next step you will begin to apply the tone.

Step 6: toner

beige wicks with cap step 3

To give it the color you are looking for now is the important step where you are going to use the 10.19 hue, which is recommended to obtain the beige color.

Then I will apply its respective developer that in this brand that I use is the 8 or 10 volume peroxide.

It certainly depends a lot on the brand that can be 10.11, 10.21 for example.

To start giving the dye, what you have to do is take different strands and fasten them with a hair clip or bra, you can separate them into three sections to make it more comfortable to apply.

You can start applying the dye and always keep in mind that the hair has to be wet not dry, so you have to follow step by step as I am mentioning.

If you feel excess water in your hair, you can use the towel to dry it but keep it moistened.

After you apply it, you have to leave it to act for 20 minutes and rinse it to remove all the excess product.

Then to finish you use a conditioner to rinse and it is easier to remove the hat without hurting your hair.

beige wicks with cap step 4

To finish you have to brush your hair carefully because you will surely have some nice knots that were made in this whole process.

I hope you like this whole process and that if you have any questions about how to make your beige highlights you can ask me.

Also I leave you this super extensive article where I explain in detail about different styles of Beige Wicks.

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