How to pimp his look without spending anything? Discover our 8 tips

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How to pimp his look without spending anything? Discover our 8 tips

1] Ride the bottom of his pants

" It may be a detail for you, but for your look it means a lot ". Yes, roll his trousers does not look like that, but this gimmick fashion stylizes your outfit in a split second. Indeed, this gesture brings relaxation and modernity to all your jeans. Do not hesitate to apply it also on your tailor's pants, to structure your silhouette by revealing your ankles with chic.

2] Tie a belt

Around a tailor's jacket, a long coat, or even an oversized shirt ... A belt can change everything. So, take a look around your closet looking for your old vintage belts and tie this accessory around all your classic pieces. And besides, there is nothing better to sublimate your size.

3] Slide a collar under a shirt collar

You must have a bib necklace in your jewelry box. And if it does not suit all senior, there is no better way to pimp outfit. With its strong identity, it infuses your look with a real couture touch. You can wear it superimposed on a white shirt with a pointed collar or a colored shirt. Peter's collar. And now, you've just given a second life to all your soulless shirts.

4] Wear original socks

We should never skip the socks. Rather than dull, black and white models, dare originality to the tip of your toes. So make overthrow your most beautiful glitter socks or patterns of your white sneakers, and we guarantee you a look at the top.

5] The art of the headscarf

You must have a scarf lying around in a closet. Rather than letting it sleep, how about using it to pamper a daily look? For more originality, do not wear it around the neck but in the hair like a headband, around the wrist cuff way, or tied to the thongs of your round bag. We love !

6] Get your top down

This is the secret of all fashionistas. To have a look a little more elaborate and a slender silhouette, nothing like to get her top in her stockings. We advise you to do it with a white tee shirt oversize, with a fluid blouse or even with a graphic sweater in mesh. In a breeze, you get a feminine and rock'n roll silhouette. Not bad is not it ?

7] One earring

Untie your earrings and wear only one. Preferably choose an original model, be it colorful or imposing. This fashionable habit will bring light to your face under cover of a good dose of fun.

8] Stitch his darling's clothes

Boyfriend jeans, wide T-shirt, boyish tailor trousers ... The masculine-feminine look, it still has its effect. So, rather than running the stores in search of the room that will boost your look, open your darling's closet to stitch some clothes, which you mix with yours. A mix and match that works every time.

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