How to quickly relieve a cystitis?

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How to quickly relieve a cystitis?

Heather as first intention

What's this ? This shrub grows wild in moors and chalky soils. Its flowers, pink or purplish, are used for their antiseptic and diuretic properties. From the first sensations of discomfort at the level of the lower abdomen, the herbal infusions provide relief and help to stop the urinary tract infection.

Why does it work? Drinking a lot increases the volume of urine and helps to dilute and eliminate germs in the bladder (usually Escherichia coli type) causing discomfort. Highly diuretic, this infusion prevents bacteria to cling to the bladder wall and multiply. In addition, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, the flowers of heather relieve pelvic pain.

How's it going ? In case of beginner cystitis, it is a natural solution to try. Just pour 30 g of flowering tops in one liter of water and boil the preparation until it reduces by two-thirds. After filtration, at least four cups are drunk during the day until symptoms subside. If no improvement occurs within two days, seek medical advice.

Antibiotics if it does not pass

What's this ? This oral fosfomycin trometamol drug works on a large number of bacteria including Escherichia coli. Recommended in case of crisis, it has the advantage of being taken at once, in the form of granules.

Why does it work? The antibiotic kills bacteria by preventing the synthesis of their cell wall. It also decreases their ability to adhere to the walls of the bladder, thereby stopping bacterial growth in the urinary tract.

How's it going ? The monodose treatment (Monuril, Uridoz), only on prescription, is swallowed, dissolved in half a glass of water, in the morning on an empty stomach or at least three hours before the meal. The active ingredient gives results quickly enough: in less than 24 hours, the symptoms diminish significantly. A burning sensation may still persist, but do not panic, the antibiotic continues to work for 36 to 48 hours to eliminate all germs.

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