How to recover a cashmere sweater that shrunk? Tips!

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How to recover a cashmere sweater that shrunk? Tips!

Misfortune ! Your favorite sweater has just slipped among your jeans and your other little tops in the washing machine and he has not been lucky enough to be pampered by a delicate program. Manhandled by the drum of the machine, his fragile mesh has shrunk with the heat too high of the wash. Let's be realistic, if your sweater has turned into a child model, you just have to offer a piece of cabbage! On the other hand - and thankfully - there is a last-ditch solution to try to get it back and forget about this mishap if he only lost one to two sizes in the wash.

Shrinked cashmere sweater: how to do?

Embark on a rescue mission of your warm cashmere sweater!

For defeat your sweater, you will need :
- a basin of warm water mixed with
- two tablespoons of conditioner
- a towel
- patience !

Rescue a washed cashmere sweater too hot, instructions:

1- Start by putting your cashmere sweater shrunk in the basin of warm water with the amount of conditioner.
2 - Soak for several hours and wait.
3- Without rinsing it, take it out of the bowl and press the cashmere sweater into the towel to do it lay flat and stretch gently on the sleeves and body. If your sweater has shrunk a lot, you can lightly pull on the mesh throughout the drying process by using clothespins that you hang on the toweling towel.

4 - Either this first swim was enough and your sweater is back to its usual size and it is saved (phew!), Or you can repeat the operation regularly and smoothly so that it regains its original size gradually.

And most importantly, pay attention to the program of the washing machine next time!

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