How to remove his henna on the hair naturally?

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How to remove his henna on the hair naturally?

The natural henna allows to color the hair without damaging them. Depending on your original color, the result varies between a mahogany type dark red to a rather orangey red. Pigments coat the fiber without penetrating it: they do not change your natural hue, so when the henna leaves, your hair will have the same color as before. But getting rid of it without chemicals is not easy, you'll have to be patient. Nevertheless, tips 100% natural can help you. Follow the guide !

1 / Use milk or coconut cream

These two ingredients are already known for their detangling properties and nourishing on the hair. But that's not all, they would also have the power to to leave the henna. Whether you choose milk or cream, just apply on your lengths, wrap in cellophane and let sit a few hours, see all night. The next day, wash your hair thoroughly to remove coconut residues. Be careful, do not expect to find your starting color at once, but as you go, henna and its orange highlights will fade.

2 / Make clay masks

Clay has many virtues for the skin, but also for your mane. Indeed, green clay applied on the scalp is very useful for thesanitize and remove theexcess of sebum. This powder can also be used to remove the henna, but may dry out the hair fiber. That is why it is advisable, either to mix it with coconut milk, or to prefer white clay, less drying (also to mix with coconut milk). You can let the mask pose for a few hours to maximize its effectiveness.

3 / Combine honey and chamomile

This is a blend known to be effective in brightening your hair and removing some of the pigments of henna. These two ingredients are to be mixed with coconut milk and a bit ofWhite clay. Let the mixture rest at least 2 hours. Honey will feed the hair and thelighten, just like the chamomile. This 100% natural recipe will neutralize the red effect of henna and help you find a color close to the original one. But several care will be necessary to guarantee a visible result.

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