How to soothe an irritated scalp?

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How to soothe an irritated scalp?

Why the scalp scratches and is irritated ? This may be due to excessive brushing, coloring, the use of hair products too aggressive, to the heat of styling tools like straighteners or hairdryers ... Fragile, this area should be treated with softness. Here are some tips for pampering her.

1 / Choose the right shampoo

It is advisable to move towards washing care compounds without sulfates. Why ? Some sulphates, especially Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, can be irritating and mug your skull. They are often used in classic shampoos because they allow the product of foam easily and to be well preserved. Are you moving towards a very mild shampoo and as natural as possible. Another tip for a healthy scalp : do not forget to rinse well his care with water not too hot not to burn your skull.

2 / Use cider vinegar

This natural ingredient has many virtues, including those of shine your lengths and cleanse the scalp. Just mix a glass of vinegar with three times its volume in spring water and spray everything after washing. Result: irritations fade and the hair becomes healthy again.

3 / Opt for aloe vera

This plant is well known for its thirst-quenching powers : aloe gel moisturizes and purifies scalp. Apply it daily, directly to your roots by massaging slightly. Rinse and shampoo gently.

4 / Bet on vegetable oils

They are very useful for taking care of one's roots, especially the vegetable oil of sapote and the one at touloucouna. Thanks to their emollient properties, they help soothe and repair the scalp very damaged. Just massage your skull with and wash your hair carefully afterwards to get rid of oily residues. As care goes, your scalp will be appeased.

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