How to wear a belt on a coat (and avoid the dressing gown effect)?

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How to wear a belt on a coat (and avoid the dressing gown effect)?

It is the unloved accessories, the one we hide under our sweaters to adjust our pants ... and that we finally show rarely. Wrongly.
Beyond its super practical side, the belt is a fashion accessory in its own right, as well as handbags and shoes. And one of those who wins to unveil in broad daylight. To tie a leather belt over a woolen coat is three times nothing to do, it is a practice still not common in the street ... but which throws it immediately. Learn the "do's" and "do's" of this new fashion fad that can turn a classic coat into an ultra-trendy one.

Tip number 1: we play the tone on your

When you start, you need to be careful. In order not to risk fashion faux-pas, one begins by tuning the color of his belt to that of his coat. To be noticed anyway, play on shades of tones (burgundy with carmine red) and the effects of material (a glossy leather belt on a fluffy coat).
Good too: the false tone on tone as the marriage of black and navy blue, below.

School Rag / Winter 2018-2019

Tip number 2: belt without tying your coat

That there are buttons or zips, ESPECIALLY, one does not attach his coat. And if it is a model already equipped with a belt to tie, it is zapped. It would be too easy, otherwise! Just make sure you keep the color of your outfit of the day so as not to exceed the allowed mix and match quota (variable between 3 and 4 depending on the style advisers).

Vanni Bassetti / GETTY

Tip number 3: contrast the colors

Nothing more "wow" and nothing more simple too! This is the easy trick to brighten up a black coat or to structure a man's coat (or a too fluffy model) and feminize it at the same time. Paul & Joe

Tip number 4: double the effect

You hesitate between two belts? And why not both together? Nothing forbids it, but, as far as being prevented, the exercise is perilous.
We obviously zap models too wide not to end up with a disproportionate size and we put on thin belts that play in the same category. No to the wedding of the fancy belt and the ultra chic belt. Elegance calls elegance.

Catwalking (APC) / GETTY

Tip number 5: adapt your belt to your morphology

This advice is valid for all previous advice. Before choosing color and style of belt, we already pay attention to oneself. Small with a thin waist = thin waist. Round anywhere with hips = XXL belt pin-up corset way!

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