How to wear makeup when wearing glasses

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How to wear makeup when wearing glasses

I have butterfly glasses

Play with a gradient of shades with coppery tones warm (matching the glasses), to give volume to the eyelids.

Camouflage dark circles otherwise the lenses of the glasses may accentuate them. Put a concealer in a tone brighter than the foundation, in triangle on the ring. Melt the material down to the nose and then powder to fix.

Highlight the upper and lower lash line with a brown pencil. Choose the waterproof, to prevent it from running (with the glasses it creates a zoom effect), then shade slightly. No pencil inside the eye, otherwise you will narrow your eyes.

On the eyelids, melt three beige, copper and taupe shades. Finish with mascara which does not lengthen the eyelashesotherwise they may touch the glasses.

The eyebrows should be a tone darker than the glasses to structure the look and create a contrast. With a pencil, redraw the hair one by one.

The rest of the make-up : Unify the skin texture with unot face powder natural finish and bright. Bring a little fresh cheekbones by sweeping a peach blush on the cheeks. Finish by raising the lips with a nude lipstick pulling lightly on the brick.

+ Advice : This form of glasses is consistent with a gradient of color on the eyelids that stretches the eye. If your glasses are very colorful, rebalance the make-up with a more intense mouth in color or shine.

I have maxi square glasses

In the middle of your eyelashes, ask a waterproof black pencilthen blend it with a foam tip.

Color the inside of the lower eyelid with a blue pencil which reminds of the touch of blue on the glasses.

At the inner corner of the eye, apply a hint of gray or iridescent white, which illuminate the eyes.

Then intensify the eyelashes with a black mascara. The eyebrows must remain natural but present. Choose a pencil to eyebrows a darker tone than their color, otherwise they may be erased by the mount. And redraw them with hatching movements, stroking the hairs.

The rest of the make-up : Bring intensity and from light to lips. Put an orange lipstick with velvet texture on the mouth, to contrast with the scales side of the glasses. On the cheekbones, swipe a blush coral, which takes the tones of the mouth. On the nose, the cheekbones, put a golden powder that restores volumes to the face.

+ Advice : On the nose and the wings of the nose, ask a based Smoothing and fluffy pores to mattify slightly. Do not hesitate to powder to prevent the glasses from slipping.

I have pilot glasses

The frame of the glasses being thin, you can make up both the fixed eyelid and the eyelid.

Put a plum pencil in the root of the eyelashes, in order to highlight the look, and give it an almond shape. Then degrade with purple and pink shades as you approach the brow bone. Stretch the color up to the fixed eyelid.

Give lashes depth with a volumizing mascara.

Keep a pretty natural eyebrow. Redraw it simply with a tone-on-tone pencil, for more sweetness.

The rest of the make-up : Bring light by depositing some transparent foundation on the areas that need it ,. apply a pink blush on the cheekbones, to infuse a romantic side. On the lips, play the card of brilliance. Cover them witha plum lip oil, which takes up the tones of makeup but all in transparency or a glossy lipstick. Good allies to boost the volume of the mouth and exacerbate its femininity.

+ Advice : With this mount, avoid glittery blushesbecause the glasses already bring shine and glitter may deposit on the glasses.

I have round glasses

Bet everything on the dasheyeliner proportionate to the size of the glasses. Put it in flush eyelashes, taking care to keep your eyes open, to avoid drawing a down line and give a falling effect to the eyes. Draw a point at the outer corner of the eye, starting at the level of the lower lashes. Stretch the line up to the mark, back up slightly to lift the eyes.

Then load the eyelashes volumizing mascara. Side eyebrows, go lightly, because with the black of the liner they must be a little more marked. And redesign them well, so that the shape of the glasses contrasts with that with the eyebrow.

The rest of the make-up : Illuminate your complexion with a fluid foundation easy to work, to fade all over your face. You can choose it slightly iridescent to catch the light. On the cheekbones, apply a illuminator slightly bluish, then a pink blush. On the lips lay a layer of opaque lipstick then layer of balm bright.

+ Advice : If you have round, but small frames, adapt the line of liner to their size. If your glasses are colored, modulate the color of the lipstick. For example, a real red with green mounts.

Directed by Virginie de Tarlé.
Makeup: Magali Marx Make up expert Clarins.
Hairdressing: Pascal Wolfert.
Stylist: Dominique Bishop.
Photographer: Olivier Löser

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