How to wear the long down jacket?

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How to wear the long down jacket?

Another century, another time! In the 1980s, no one - almost - would ever have thought of dressing up in a down jacket outside of a mountain vacation. Today, under the influence of brands such as JOTT, Pyrenex and Uniqlo, the jacket is off the shelves of specialty stores to establish itself as a trend piece.
now impossible to imagine a single winter without it. Become light and colorful, they have become indispensable, slipping just as well under a coat in "underlayer" mode that displayed in the open air in "I assume" mode.
This uninhibited tendency to wear a mountain garment in the city has no limit: now, it is the long and mid-long down jacket that has the wind in its sails.

Long jacket: which model to choose according to its morphology?

You flirt with the meter 60 ? No need to tell you that the long down jacket is to be handled with care and that a mid-thigh model will be your best ally. If you are, in addition, the kind slender, nothing forbids the length mid-calf, but in this case, be sure to choose a quilted jacket rather large armholes are not too down: if it's too much oversizedyou will look more camouflaged than dressed!

Are you round? Nothing better than ultra-light jackets that go down to the knees to lift your entire silhouette in the blink of an eye. Good too: the cuts a little trapeze that hide, neither seen nor known, belly, thighs and buttocks at once.

Long down jacket: what is I wearing below?

If your jacket is XXL (with maxi hood or big shawl collar) in addition to being longwith this slight impression of going out dressed in a comforter, you must absolutely respect the game of proportions. It is therefore not to flare jeans and chinos pants. We must counterbalance the extra large volume of the upper body by molding his legs in skinny jeans or a pencil skirt worn with opaque tights. Avoid too thin tights (worse, flesh tights), which would cut too much with the winter effect of the jacket.
If your long down jacket stops mid-thighs, you can allow more fantasies. To you the 7 / 8th jeans and the skirts half-long. It is also the only long jacket that will support the wearing of waders, so trendy this winter.

How to accessorize a long down jacket?

If it's not too big, nothing better than belt worn all around the waist to feminize. The more you choose an eccentric belt, the more the effect will be "wow". However, to go to the office, just a fairly fine model of classic leather, in colors coordinated with your jacket. Girdling a coat is not yet so common - let alone in the case of jackets.

Side bags in hand, the long down jacket supports just about everything: an XXL bag fits him perfectly. But a micro-bag will give it a festive air, even in daylight!
For the shoes, we go soft on the sneakers - unless you're still 25 years old or being on a weekend, in cool mode without having to prove anything to anyone. To avoid any faux-pas fashion, nothing better - and more chic - than the association doudounes + small boots.
In any case, we avoid anything that closely or remotely resembles skis and mountain shoes if you want to keep some credibility in town!

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