How to wear the new culottes after 50 years?

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How to wear the new culottes after 50 years?

The panty skirt according to its morphology

It is a garment that goes to all body types, because its wide and straight side easily camouflage all small defects. It's up to you to choose the right length according to your morphology. The smaller you are, the more important it is to lengthen your figure with a long skirt. If you take it short, raise it with heels to gain a few inches. But if you are tall, the short form will be perfect for you, even staying flat with moccasins early in the season. Also play with the materials: the soft and fluid look of woolen sheets for the winter, or thick cotton for the longer and wider models of the re-entry. This season, the XXL culotte is the new alternative to slim. We take the stylistic counterpoint, and we dare novelty.

How to wear it without making a memento?

Its vintage side easily gives it a side "memère", so be careful. On the catwalks, it is ultra-trendy even worn with a collar shirt lavalier. The idea is to associate it well! Modernize the silhouette with, for example, a leather jacket, a message t-shirt or sweater, a colorful turtleneck, or a floral or graphic print shirt. At the feet, opt for brown or black leather heels, or pumps with open ends to go out at night. The trendiest will try the dad shoes, the famous chic basketball of the moment to wear with a long version skirt.

The skirt is worn at different lengths

The mid-calf model is the big novelty of the season. You will have two options, either play the card seventies brilliantly, wearing your skirt with a belted jacket and high heels. Or break the codes, by appropriating a new style with this garment that takes a leap in time! The extra-wide ankle-length skirt pants become the new pants of the season. You'll love its gently retro side. He is very present in your favorite brands in XXL mode. On the other hand, opt for a close to the body or a fitted jacket so as not to appear to "drown" you in your clothes!

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