How to wear the total look jean? Advice and shopping

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How to wear the total look jean? Advice and shopping

Denim on denim: why forbid it? Until proven otherwise, no one has ever shouted at fashion faux-pas at the mere sight of a denim jumpsuit - which, by the way, makes a huge comeback this summer 2019.

Wear jeans in total look: good associations

The "Zero Headache" solution is the one-piece. Dress, jumpsuit, jumpsuit or jumpsuit: it's up to you to choose according to your degree of temerity. With a short or mid-length dress that reveals the legs, it's guaranteed success. Take the shirt cut if you have voluptuous shapes to not mark your silhouette and do not forget to feminize the silhouette with a pair of high heels; prefer it buttoned and close to the body if you are more of the kind big and / or petite.
If the combination has always been your eye, in 2019, no more excuse not to adopt it: the "tendancers" are formal, it is becoming a basic fashion in the same way as the wrap dress.
His little summer brother, the denim or Lyocell jumpsuit, will be your ideal companion for the season. He is put on his swimsuit with flip-flops on his feet to go to the beach and, in the evening, he added basket and wedges to compensate for the beautiful. No more no less.

The working-girl solution: the shirt + the High waist jeans. But on one condition and one: slip the sides of his shirt into the waistband of his pants. If you do not do it, beware of the shirt that hangs, not the most beautiful effect when trying to convince a speaker. A nice camel-colored leather bag on top and derby shoes (flat option) or colorful pumps (vamp 'option) and that's enough.
Bonus tip : for even more charm and femininity, favor jeans haircuts 7 / 8th : by revealing the ankle even a little bit, it is more effective than straight jeans or flare.

Wear jeans in total look: the pitfalls to avoid

1: The most common is to play the cowboy style. So we ban all that evokes near or far the United States: turquoise jewelry with bandanas through the fringe bags. Or, we take full responsibility for this "wild wild west" side!
2: The most delicate thing is to know how to associate the good shades of blue between them. Marry two raw blue together or two bleached canvases to play the monochrome, and you'll limit to almost zero risk taking. And if you prefer to shift, go rather frankly. Why not succumb to colored denim? This summer, try wedding white denim shorts and dark denim blouses. The key: a little retro side and an irresistible "riviera" effect.

Ultimate advice before embarking on the 100% jeans : always think about feminizing your outfit with glamorous accessories. It's not the cap (unless you're under 25), Smiley badges and scrunchies in your hair. But yes and twice yes to gold necklaces that illuminate the neckline of a denim shirt, colorful belts that energize the monochrome side, the bags fun (this summer, think wicker baskets, a trend that still does not run out of steam even in 2019) and stylish shoes. Pssst: this summer, the mule should be a hit!

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