How to wear the woolen skin?

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How to wear the woolen skin?

Would Tom Cruise become Tom Cruise without Top Gun and his bomber jacket? After reigning as a master of trends throughout the 1970s, the woolen skin had fallen out of favor ... until podiums and brands put it back on the front of the stage this winter swearing by it .
Synonymous with great space and cold, learn how to tame the woolly skin, whether by adopting the Canadian or by putting on the stuffed boots!

What kind of woolen coat to adopt this winter?

1: Easy option : Choose a Perfecto style jacket for its timeless, matte side. It is wide open to let voluntarily overtake his neck tummy lapel and fun to choose in a colorful version.
And what do I wear with it? The ease would be to associate with a slim and boots a little rock. But to add chic and femininity, we recommend the combination with a black skirt high waist straight cut and knee length. Imagine a sweater worn on the skin with, well opaque tights and low boots and the case is played!

2: Option folk : the Canadian in skin and natural skin. Mid-long, it is enough to itself to give a bohemian and vintage touch to the whole silhouette.

And what do I wear with it? The more fashionable can surf the seventies trend and go all out by combining flared jeans and nubuck boots. For a touch more 2019, we advise you instead to slip the Canadian on leather pants (or leather effect) with a big sweater underneath.
For the snags dresses, go thoroughly with the models flowers and extra-long: it's a combo that works every time and through the years without a wrinkle.

How to wear lined skin in small touches?

The simplest : set your sights on a denim jacket with a collar "toupee". It's the little "cozy" touch that is enough to transform this basic into an ultra-cool piece. For an authentic touch, it's up to you to buy thrift stores and garage sales to tease the original models of Lee or Levi's.


The most obvious : to you the accessories in woolen skin! From boots with tanned leather gloves to chapka hats, fashion accessories are the easy way to give a cozy touch to your outfit when you do not dare to go out with a big woolen patch!

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