I have a little tension but I watch myself

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I have a little tension but I watch myself

Before the onset of hypertension drugs, the salt-free diet was the only way to tame a slight rise in blood pressure. Today, doctors agree that salt is used sparingly to avoid raising blood pressure. But since then, many studies have shown that there are many other effective complementary strategies to regulate its tension without going through the pharmacy box ...

1. I lose my little pounds too much

When the waistline increases, the blood pressure too! Research has shown that weight loss of 3 to 4 pounds over eighteen months lowers systolic blood pressure (SBP) by an average of 6 mmHg, and reduces the risk of being hypertensive by almost 46%. Similarly for calcium intakes, beneficial on the tension provided that they come from milk, preferably lean. The good daily menu? Three vegetables (cooked or raw), two fruits and three lean dairy products. And, of course, fat meat is replaced by poultry, steaks with 5% fat, eggs or fish; One to two servings of starchy foods a day (bread, pasta, rice ...) and sweets are avoided. Thus, the scale needle will soon lean on the right side.

2. I maintain my form

In the case of a beginner hypertension, the improvement of the dietetics and the practice of a sport make it possible to delay the taking of drugs. Studies show that moderate to regular physical activity (two to four times a week) is more effective at lowering tension than vigorous exercise once a week. Ideally, consult your doctor and, if necessary, do an exercise test to assess your physical abilities before choosing an activity that is easy to practice and pleasant. Priority endurance sports, which regulate the tension and maintain the cardiovascular system (brisk walking, swimming, exercise bike or outdoor, swimming ...). In addition, we zap the elevator for life and we walk as often as possible!

3. I desalinate my plate

Among the good resolutions to adopt, the first is to consume less salty foods (meats, cooked dishes, hard cheeses, biscuits ...). You do not over-salt your recipes (you can use dietary salt without sodium instead of sea salt). And we perfume them with spices and herbs. Tips for flavoring more and salt less? Cook pasta and rice with a very poor bouillon cube / or without salt (type Jardin BiO, Priméal ...). Cook fish, seafood and potatoes with bay leaves, garnished bouquets. Fried potatoes also like turmeric, curry, paprika, but also thyme, rosemary. All sweet vegetables (carrots, pumpkins, parsnips ...) go well with cumin and ginger. Green vegetables prefer parsley, coriander, basil, thyme. Are you addicted to cheese? Choose it in portions (type Carré Frais Gervais without salt, St Môret) or soft (camembert, brie ...). And stick to a daily "pleasure" part.

4. I lift my foot on alcohol (not the elbow)

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to high blood pressure and inefficiency of antihypertensive medications when it is needed. That's why it is good to limit yourself to two glasses of wine a day without exceeding ten glasses a week and a weekly break of 48 hours to let the body "rest". Beyond, alcohol increases tension and damages the liver and heart. The consumption of aperitifs, digestifs and alcohol must remain occasional. By setting these types of limits, a drop in blood pressure is often noted, as is weight loss, since alcohol is caloric.

5. I crush my cigarette

Because of the toxic substances it contains, tobacco very seriously disrupts the functioning of the arteries. Nicotine promotes atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries). When hypertension begins, the continuation of smoking accelerates the occurrence of cardiovascular problems (myocardial infarction, arteritis of the lower limbs, stroke). Thus, if the total and definitive cessation of the cigarette does not remove hypertension, it removes the risk of a complication of hypertension.

Thank you to the French Committee for the fight against high blood pressure (comitehta.org), and to the French Federation of Cardiology (fedecardio.org).

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