I lost my health book: how do I know when to get vaccinated?

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I lost my health book: how do I know when to get vaccinated?

Family history, current treatments, measures (height, weight ...) or monitoring of vaccinations, we no longer present the usefulness of the health record, essential for quality medical monitoring. But how to do in case of loss?

"I lost my child's health book"

Adult, child, the procedure to follow in case of loss of the health record is not the same. Until the age of 18, the first thing to do is to contact your health insurance fund to inform them. Then, get closer to your town hall, which will redirect you to the structures concerned. Otherwise, go to the maternal and child health service (PMI) in your place of residence and ask for a new health record. Before you travel, make an appointment by phone and present yourself with a proof of identity and your family record book. You can also apply by mail by attaching a photocopy of the same documents.

Once the new health record has been received, it must be completed by the doctor following the child. He can complete it and reconstruct his medical career. However, if it is no longer active, it will be necessary to contact the Council of the National Order of Physicians who will contact him. If this is not possible, it will be necessary to make an appointment with a new specialist, who will take charge of the file by trying to pick up the calendar. To do this, he can ask you for a serological analysis and thus check the vaccinations of your child.

"I lost my health book"

After 18 years, it is no longer possible to get a new health record. However, to continue to ensure its medical follow-up, several alternatives exist:

  • the vaccination book, available free of charge from health professionals. As the name suggests, this notebook summarizes all vaccinations of a person. The health professional who vaccinates you (doctor, midwife or nurse) writes: the name of the vaccine, the date of the injection, the lot number (label) and the date of the next vaccine to be made. As a reminder, according to the recommendations of the health authorities, recalls are made at 25, 45, and 65 years, then every ten years.
  • the health book for adultsavailable free in some pharmacies. Less complete than the "official" booklet, it still contains about forty pages and can list surgeries undergone, treatments or vaccines.
  • - the digital health record, also called DMP (Shared Medical Record). It keeps and secures your health information: treatments, test results, allergies and allows you to share them with the professionals who need them to treat you.

And in case you have lost all the information in your health record (including the dates of your vaccines), it will be necessary to make an appointment with a new specialist who will be in charge of reconstituting your medical path. He will be able to carry out serological tests to verify that your vaccinations are, or not, up to date. What if no trace of vaccine is found even after these tests? "You can do it again blindly without risk." The tetanus can be redone a month after the first safe vaccine, cited as an example Gisèle Pehlivan, nurse at CMETE, vaccination center located in Paris, France. Parisian. If a patient goes to Africa urgently and a measles outbreak is underway and we have a doubt about the vaccine, we will do it from the outset.

Keep a photocopy of the health book

To avoid having to repeat the procedure in case of new loss, we keep a scan or a photocopy of our new health record. One in the drawer of our office, one registered in our mailbox or on our cloud and one in the DMP.

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