I tested Face Sculpting®, the intraoral massage that Meghan Markle loves

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I tested Face Sculpting®, the intraoral massage that Meghan Markle loves

Meghan Markle and Kate Moss swear by him. Face Sculpting®, invented by Yakov Gershkovich, consists of a tonic massage of the lower face. Special feature of this treatment: fingers in the mouth! After donning silicone gloves, the facial practitioner massages the inside of the cheeks, up and down. And there, surprise, we discover accumulated tensions in the muscles of the jaws (the masserter), in the zygomatic ... Once the clenching unresolved, it is the whole body that relaxes deeply. "The head, like the hands and the feet, is an extremity, and all the extremities of the body are nerve endings, connected to the different meridians. When we relax and touch the main meridians, we work on the whole body, just as for foot reflexology "explains Edye, facial and founder of Harmony & Kobido®.

Do not worry, this internal massage is very gentle, and it comes to close the session. Beforehand, the facial stimulates on the chest and neck certain points to drain the lymph and eliminate toxins. Then massage the face according to the needs of the person. Stretches, pats, vibrations or pronounced support, everything takes place on the map. "When I see someone, I read his face on his face."Eyes closed, Edye is guided by his feelings.

Fascinating fascias

The specificity of the Face Sculpting is the internal massage: "We can go to massage the fascias, these deep connective tissues located between the muscle and the bone. Since it has been proven that fasciae are all connected to each other, scientists are more attested to the existence of meridians. "explains the specialist. Considered as our third brain (after the encephalon and the digestive system), these fasciae crystallize the points of tension. By undoing them by the massage, it is the whole body which relaxes. "And when we are well, we are more beautiful ", recalls Edye.

Big dodo and baby skin

After 50 minutes of massage, I felt a real relaxation, at the limit of the torpor. As well as a particular thirst, which usually takes me after a session of accupuncture or osteopathy. So I shortened my evening to sleep earlier than usual. After a lead sleep, I woke up with smooth features like never before. The lower part of the face, more relaxed than usual, seemed firmer too. A very amazing result.

"For a lifting effect in the long term, it is better to do a cure of one session per week for a month and a half, otherwise a massage in each new season is enough to maintain the work," says Edye, also a Kobido practitioner. There, no intervention internally. "The Face Sculpting® is energetic, the Kobidohe, more on energetics. It is a more subtle, light and gentle massage. Both techniques are very complementary ".

You will understand: before considering injections or any other heavy intervention, why not test these new holistic methods, much less invasive and yet very effective? And for all those who have already taken the step of cosmetic surgery, know that it is always possible, even highly recommended, to discover this practice.

Edye receives in Vincennes and Paris, Gaele'M space, a place full of good energy, which hosts, among others, the school of fasciapulsology.

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