in short and long hair Learn How to Make Them

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in short and long hair Learn How to Make Them

You may not have heard much of them, but it is a trend that is being imposed strongly, bringing an intense touch of light to the hair of the most daring girls who have launched to try the innovation of the light brown highlights that we all like.

If you want to wear rays in your hair, but you are tired of the traditional reddish, blonde and honey styles, this alternative will come in handy.

The beige tone enhances the shine of white and brown skin, so you no longer have to worry about choosing a suitable shade for warm or cold skin from the palette.

As if that were not enough, this tone effectively highlights the features of all types of faces and provides a youthful and versatile finish to your look that will make you the center of attention.

Today we want to tell you everything you need to know about orange ocher highlights, interesting ideas and useful tips so that you can wear them in an original and unique way.

Join us!

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How to achieve them with an extra shine?

Although it is a very striking color, beige requires some basic techniques to achieve really luminous highlights.

In the dyeing process, the desired color must be similar to that of butter, platinum and gold tones are discarded in this style.

If you like the idea and want to put your styling skills into practice, find out how you can achieve this look from home, just make sure you have these products on hand:

  1. Peroxide to bleach hair: You will need 10 and 20 volumes to mix the first with the dye with which you will make the highlights and the remaining 20 volumes you will use to bind with the bleaching powder. If your hair is light enough you may not need to bleach it to achieve the desired finish.
  2. Bleaching powder to lighten the base tone of the hair: this is applied to lighten the base of the hair a bit and make the highlights look quite bright beige. Before applying you must mix two portions of 20 volume peroxide with one portion of powder. Once applied, check the base tone until you get the one indicated that can be between a tone 7 and one 10.
  3. Shampoo to tint the hair: choose a purple color to apply after lightening the base shade. What this shampoo will do is fade the orange color that remains after lightening or bleaching dark hair, it is best that before removing it, let it act for about 20 minutes.
  4. Ash blonde tint: there are a variety of shades in this presentation such as light beige, light beige blonde, very light beige blonde, very light beige pearl blonde or very light beige blonde. Keep in mind that these tints generally result in a darker shade than the sample palette. Therefore, the ideal is to bleach natural hair.

How to do them step by step

In addition to being a versatile option that is perfect for all hair types and skin tones, these highlights provide a very natural style ideal for when you are just starting to play with the tone of your hair and do not dare to make a drastic change.

Also, there are different alternatives to make the highlights such as with aluminum foil or using a special cap.

If you do not have experience in hairdressing, it is best to choose the cap for highlights, now if you get to work.

  1. Put on the hat and hold it tight: choose the hat you want to use either reusable or disposable, place it on the head, hold it very well under the chin. With a knitting needle, begin to extract strand by strand carefully so as not to break the hair. You can take them of different thickness, but try that all the highlights have the same density.
  2. Covers hair that is left out: It is essential to cover all the hair that is outside the cap to avoid dyeing later. Also, make sure that the entire head is covered in highlights, remove them all patiently and in order so that the finish is even and striking.
  3. Comb all the highlights well: Once you have removed all the streaks from the hat, comb them very well to avoid tangles during the dyeing time. Now is the time to apply the dye that you prepared together with the 10 volume peroxide covering all the strands and let it act according to the intensity of color you want to achieve. Follow the instructions on the product so as not to mistreat your hair.
  4. Discover the new strands and remove the hat: once the dyeing time has elapsed, remove the product from the highlights with plenty of water until no residue remains. Now apply a little shampoo on the highlights and gently slide the cap until it is removed. You will already have a renewed mane with a nice flash of light, it only remains to comb to your liking.

How to care for hair with beige highlights?

So that your highlights always look beautiful, shiny and as if they just came out of the hairdresser, it is necessary that you follow these daily care tips.

Your mane will thank you, and it will grow abundant and strong:

  • Don’t expose the hair to bleaching for too long.
  • Always apply sunscreen to your hair, no matter if the day is cloudy.
  • Avoid overusing the use of irons, tongs and dryers.
  • Avoid washing your hair with very hot water.
  • Detangle your hair before removing the conditioner.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day so it doesn’t lose its natural oils.
  • Avoid rubbing your hair vigorously after washing.
  • Apply moisturizing masks to your hair frequently.
  • Use only special products for colored hair.

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How to tone beige highlights?

It’s true that light strokes on your hair look really great, but to achieve them you need to lighten or bleach the base shade of your hair most of the time.

Once the hair is bleached some unwanted results are obtained, the most important being the appearance of orange sparkles as the days go by.

Hence the importance of using a toning shampoo to ensure that the highlights retain their butter color for much longer.

But be careful which type to use and that once you use a violet toner and the result was the opposite of what was expected.

Remember to buy a good brand toning shampoo Because in addition to complying with its characteristics, you must take care of your hair so that it does not weaken with the dyes on the head.

However, before applying any product to your hair, consult your stylist as improper use of dyes or shampoo can damage your hair color and fiber.

Recommended application of the matting shampoo

  • Apply the toning shampoo to the hair no more than 2 times a week if the color is very unruly, otherwise a single weekly application will suffice.
  • Massage the hair with the product as you do with your usual shampoo, paying special attention to the new dye in your hair.
  • Leave the product to act on the hair for 2 to 5 minutes and rinse with cold water
  • Apply a hydrating conditioner to colored hair, detangle hair in the shower and remove until the mane is clean and smooth.

Now that you know how they are done, what you need, and the basic care for your hair with these new locks.

Let’s take a look at all the styles that can fit this color trend, and be amazed at its versatility.

On short hair

beige highlights on short hair
short hair with dye in beige locks

Unlike what many think, short hair enjoys a lot of dynamism and versatility, this type of highlights give it an extra luminosity that frames the face and gives movement to the hair.

In addition, the most daring girls can choose a lowered cut to show off a sophisticated look and in the latest trend.

Haircuts are an ally for this type of coloring.

Here are some original ideas:

  • The beige tone helps to disguise the appearance of gray hair, so it is an ideal alternative for mature women who want to achieve an elegant look that sheds a few years. The style that is achieved is casual and fresh, while still looking elegant. In addition, for girls with short and fine hair this style is unique, as it adds density and depth to the hair.
  • If you have short and straight hair with little density, you can try to leave a striking bangs with a very light orange tone in the front to make it look much more abundant. You can also focus the attention on the top of the head with these luminous hair highlights if you don’t want the bangs to be the protagonist. This style goes well with wavy hair for a youthful finish.
  • If you want to give distinction to your medium hair, some pretty locks distributed throughout the hair in a messy way will give a sensational look to a traditional straight cut like the midi. You can also try this style if you have a long bob, revealing the lighter highlights on the front as a degrade. It will look fantastic. You can wear it with the wavy or smooth side parting.
  • For women who want to show off a completely radical change of look, very short, asymmetrical, bob or pixie hair styles with endless flashes in beige tone almost imperceptible one strand from the other. Since it is short hair, you have the freedom to wear highlights of different thicknesses, even letting you see how the highlights blend with the base tone of your hair with a style that causes a sensation.

Long Hair

beige highlights on long hair
Long hair with light brown streaks

One of the best attractions of the girls is the abundant and long hair that can be curly, wavy, straight, with a variety of super daring cuts and why not?

Some charming streaks of dye that highlight the style and highlight its more sophisticated and striking side.

If you want a new change without having to say goodbye to your long hair, try these options in beige tone as it is one of the best hair highlights.

  • When it comes to long hair, there are endless alternatives, you can play with multiple base colors according to your tastes such as black, dark brown, brown, honey or caramel. All these colors will show off bright thick, thin or very fine highlights. You can make delicate highlights just to illuminate the hair or highlight it with pronounced highlights that steal the eyes.
  • If your hair is very long, you can take the beige highlights from the middle to the California-style ends and choose between a straight or wavy hairstyle that resembles the waves of the sea and the rays of the sun falling on your hair. For those who have curly and very thick hair, it is an ideal alternative because it makes the hair look more shiny and voluminous with the interlaced curls blending into the base tone.
  • If you prefer a long hair, in a straight cut and with a honey-colored base, you can leave the part in the middle and make beige locks on each side from the roots to the ends, all of the same thickness and that go hand in hand with each side. Leave about four highlights on each side and show off your perfect straight style to make the thick rays stand out. They will also look great with a caramel base.
  • For those who love their long and knotted hair, in V or layers, these highlights are perfect, especially when they are very fine, made with the help of a hat or following the lines of the entire cut from the roots to the ends. Also, if you want to give your face luminosity, you can make these highlights only in the front part, leaving long bangs or wearing your hairstyle on the side with a long beige highlight that enhances your style.

The copper highlights are a good recommendation if you want a change of look and you have long hair, since it enhances the features of your face well.

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In Chocolate Hair

beige highlights on chocolate hair
light brown locks in chocolate hair

They are generally applied on dark-based manes to achieve a fairly drastic contrast.

If your base is chocolate-colored, or you like the idea that your highlights contrast with this everything in your hair, it is a great alternative, which offers a quite impressive result.

It is ideal both for skins with fair complexions, because it highlights them, and in warm or darker skin tones, since it illuminates them.

  • As we have already mentioned, the beige tone in light piles brings freshness and slightly attenuates the appearance of skin imperfections, it also helps to frame the face. A key point to achieve a very beautiful finish is to choose a not very light beige blonde to achieve that long-awaited butter color without turning too ash. So the contrast will be fabulous.
  • If you are a brunette with a warm skin color, they will be a very successful option to illuminate your face. You can highlight the ends of the hair, the bangs with highlights, make very thick wicks so that an intense brown tone is noticeable in the background giving depth to the hair or achieve a very delicate effect with many messy streaks all over the hair.
  • Also a coppery chocolate will be highlighted with these butter-colored highlights, the result is a fascinating extra light that goes wonderfully with all types of faces and skin color since their versatility makes them not so ash, but not so blonde. Therefore, if you do not want to wear your hair with such an intense chocolate color, this is an alternative that you must try.
  • In case you are naturally brown and you want to achieve a feminine but very natural look, you can increase the intensity of your natural color with brown bases and fill your entire hair with endless flashes of beige. This way, you won’t have to drastically change your natural hair color, but you will still be sporting a trendy look. Dare to try it.

On Black Hair

beige highlights on black hair

Do you love your jet black color and want to give your mane a change without getting rid of it?

They also give you the opportunity to enhance your features even when your natural hair base is so dark.

The contrast that is achieved between light tone and dark hair is truly amazing.

Although the haircut you wear at that time also helps.

Since black is such a strong shade, beige achieves a smooth and subtle finish.

  • The main advantage that these highlights have on black hair is that you do not need to bleach or lighten the base, but they are done directly, preventing the hair from being mistreated too much. Thanks to this you can dare to mix a variety of beige tones to obtain streaks of different colors and set a trend with a novel look. Say goodbye to golden blonde!
  • If you still do not decide to give your black hair a bath of such marked color, opt for some very fine strands in this beautiful butter color that are hidden between the hair that only show a little towards the ends, the bangs, when you wear your hair to the side or when you tie a ponytail. The possibilities never end.
  • For those who like to wear highlights in a more traditional way, what if they use wicks of the thickness that they like best dispersed throughout the length of the hair from the roots to the ends. This idea is great for girls with long or medium hair and if you like the sunbeam effect you can play with your highlights so that they are darker at the roots and lighter towards the ends.
  • These butter-colored highlights with a black base, although they are very popular in short manes, are the favorites in very long manes, especially when the girl who wears them is light-skinned. You should already know that the purpose of these highlights is to bring light and in this case the effect that is achieved is from another world, do not stop asking your trusted stylist for a recommendation.

On Ash Blonde Hair

beige highlights on ash blonde

This proposal is especially suitable for fair-skinned women because it highlights even more the features of their face and helps to hide the imperfections that are noticeable due to their skin type.

One of the best ways to recreate them is tight around the face and softer in the rest of the hair, they create a lot of contrast and diminish the appearance of gray in an amazing way.

  • This style comes in handy on long hair that is layered or faded as they blend perfectly throughout the hair, resulting in an ingenious look and not overdone at all. It goes very well with a side fringe, wavy medium length hair and also, on curly hair, ash highlights will look beautiful. Although the straight hair is the most favored you can dare to innovate if you take care of your hair as it deserves.
  • Without a doubt, this is a very striking style, but to make it look really stunning you must always keep your hair well hydrated. It is recommended for young adult women no more than 30 years old because it can make you look older than you are. However, if it is an idea that you would like to try, you only need to consult with your stylist and give it a subtle finish.
  • It is worth mentioning that the hair achieves a very light tone when these types of dyes are made on an ash blonde base. Therefore, it is an alternative for daring girls who want to wear their hair with an extra light every day. The versatility of the style will make it look innovative with highlights, very thick, thin, at the ends, in the bangs, hidden and on short or long hair.
  • For girls with warm skin, this proposal is not highly recommended, since, even if they apply bleaching to their base tone, the finish can look very overloaded and unnatural. Keep in mind that these looks seek to highlight the naturalness and simplicity to look cute every day. The idea is to simulate hair highlights without dyeing with freshness and a very sophisticated touch.

Pearl Shade

pearl beige highlights

In this option, what is achieved is a much more striking light effect, depending on the different shades of beige that you choose for the finish, you can obtain a super dramatic or natural and delicate look.

Get advice to determine what kind of highlights are best for your hair to achieve the style you want so much, especially if you have brown hair.

This proposal will be perfect if you don’t want to go unnoticed.

  • This pearl tone gives more warmth to the skin, it comes in handy for you to try different types of highlights to get that precious sunbath, you can combine some classic Californian with the balayage trend and you will have a mane with a stunning luminous gradient . It only remains to combine this cute tone with water waves.
  • These are highlights that if you know how to wear them will take years away, you just have to wear them with a modern cut like layered knurling, bob, pixies with lots of light rays is one of the best successes. In addition, it provides great versatility because it can be worn in very elegant and casual styles. The beige shade really suits your original style.
  • The flash of pearl light favors girls with brown or white skin and may be your best option if you do not want to make a radical change. It is not necessary to mistreat the hair too much to achieve a very natural finish and if you like, just make an ingenious cut or give way to a super chic bangs full of light at the level of the eyebrows. You will have a very youthful style without drastically changing your hair.
  • In addition to helping the terrible gray hair lose prominence, it is about highlights that go very well with dark hair bases and the best part is that they do not require constant touch-ups. This shade has a beautiful and long-lasting shine that remains in the hair as long as you take the necessary care. The shine of pearls in your hair without much effort!

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On Blond Hair

beige highlights on blonde hair
Light brown locks in yellow blonde hair

They will go very well with dark-skinned girls with a light or medium tone that is not so warm, as well as for white-skinned women with a natural blonde base in their hair that will achieve a beautiful combination of golden and creamy colors in their hair.

Remember that dyeing your hair damages your hair and scalp, so it is always important to use hair masks.

Also, girls with light eyes can try this alternative that is strong and is here to stay.

  • The light brown dyes in blonde hair are among the most showy that exist, although today there are countless ways to wear hair with light and light flashes, blonde will never go out of style. To wear these highlights a good idea is to make thick braids so that the mix of colors steals the attention. You can also leave it loose or take it to the side so that the highlights fall like a waterfall.
  • This is also one of the alternatives that stand out for white skin with natural blonde hair, since it highlights the color of her eyes and her features a lot. You can play with very fine sparkles full of light scattered throughout the hair, a few strands hidden in a messy way or thicker and more marked locks. It does not matter that you are very well groomed or sporty attire, you will look amazing.
  • For tanned skin, but equally white, this type of locks will give you a very surfer and beautiful style on blonde hair. The idea is to get a special degrade with less marked highlights towards the ends and more pronounced near the face, if you wear bangs it should be full of highlights. Don’t forget to make your favorite waves in your hair.
  • As it is a proposal to wear on blonde hair, you must make sure to take good care of the mane so that it does not lose its softness, shine and hydration. These highlights will give the impression that you are very blonde with a natural finish as if you have precious stones in your hair. In this case, we suggest wearing a perfect and very sexy straight, or wearing high ponytails that reveal the range of beige tones in your hair.

This style is being imposed to offer white or brunette girls a new alternative of youthful, fresh, seductive and versatile style to look beautiful throughout the year.

Do you dare to try this new trend in dyes and use your beige highlights?

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