Incredible Polka Dot Dresses 2021-2022: One Hundred Photos of Looks

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Incredible Polka Dot Dresses 2021-2022: One Hundred Photos of Looks

polka dot dresses

Plaid, floral motifs, stripes and polka dots have become classics in women’s clothing, which are always relevant. Among them, the undisputed favorite in the 2021-2022 season will be the print “peas” or polka dots.

This popularity is due to the fact that polka dot dresses are suitable for both young girls and women after 50. They are appropriate for many events. With polka dots, you can create business looks, romantic and flirty outfits for dates, walks and relaxation, as well as spectacular bows for fashionable outings.

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Polka dot chiffon dresses

Summer is impossible to imagine without light flowing fabrics and chiffon. Such materials allow you to create delicate and playful products that are distinguished by originality and versatility.

beautiful polka dot dresses

For chiffon dresses, there will be fashionable A-line styles, which should be complemented with accessories to match the fabric or polka dots on it and stylish sandals with heels. On a cool summer evening, throw a plain powdery jacket over your shoulders.

Young ladies can afford to combine weightless chiffon clothes with polka dots with flat shoes (ballet flats, moccasins or sneakers) and a denim jacket or leather biker jacket.

Advice! In order not to weigh down a light airy look, you should carefully select accessories. There should not be many of them: one ring, fashionable glasses or a pair of earrings is enough.

polka dot dresses

delicious pink peas

Fashion dresses with ruffles and ruffles

The presence of a complex cut and a large number of darts in an attempt to fit a thing on a figure can break the pattern, but ruffles, ruffles, flounces, puffy sleeves are those fashionable details that will look stylish on fabric with a polka dots print. Fashionable in 2021-2022 will be models with flounces and ruffles on the skirt, as well as decorated with ruffles at the neck or around the cutouts on the sleeves.

polka dol dress with ruffles

The lighter the fabric from which the item is sewn, the more delicate and feminine the image will turn out, and the more beautiful the drapery on the flounces and ruffles will look. In this regard, chiffon, viscose or silk are better suited for sewing such models.

what to wear with a pea dress

flounces and ruffles

dress and coat

beautiful girl in black

Stylish polka dot wrap dresses

Polka dot wrap dresses will become a basic item in a summer wardrobe for creating everyday looks. Designers borrowed this style from comfortable dressing gowns, and so that the thing does not look too homely, they added various ruffles, frills, draperies and collars to it.


This style is suitable not only for slim, but also for obese women. Thanks to the V-neckline and the belt at the waist, the silhouette looks slimmer and as close as possible to the hourglass shape. Slender young ladies can afford to demonstrate slender legs by trying on mini, and girls with shapes will be irresistible in maxi.

Advice! Large peas make the figure visually larger, while small peas hide excess volumes. This fact must be taken into account when choosing a new thing.

Lady in Red

Polka-dot maxi dresses

A long dress to the floor is an absolute must-have of a summer wardrobe. This outfit can be both casual and for special occasions. Since there is no consensus among stylists about who suits such a style, and fashion is favorable to all kinds of experiments, women of different heights and builds can afford such a polka-dot outfit. It is only important to choose your model and print. At the same time, the main bet should be on a light, casual cut.

A girl from the past or an image in a retro style

A brown polka-dot dress with a laconic cut with a closed neckline and a belt at the waist, in which Julia Roberts starred in the film Pretty Woman, is relevant many years after the release of this film. These retro outfits are perfect for an office or business meeting. You just need to choose the appropriate beautiful accessories.

retro dress

retro style

Silk dresses and lingerie styles

A beige dress with black polka dots will be one of the main trends for the 2021-2022 season. This model will look especially elegant from natural or artificial silk. Shimmering fabrics such as silk and satin, and sophisticated linen style will make the outfit more dressy and evening.

What can I wear with a polka dot dress?

Polka dot dresses are an original and flirty item of women’s wardrobe, which allows you to create a wide variety of images in various styles for women of fashion of different sizes and ages.

At the same time, the combination of things can be the most democratic:

  • over the dress, you can wear a classic-cut blazer, a light cardigan, a brutal leather jacket, a sports bomber or denim jacket, as well as your favorite T-shirt;
  • when choosing shoes, you can stay on classic boats, comfortable ballet shoes, sports sneakers, slates, gladiator sandals or rough ankle boots, sneakers or ankle boots;
  • a laconic cut item can be safely worn over trousers or jeans to create a daring boho-style look;
  • polka dots is a fairly active print, so it is better to complement it with monochromatic accessories, while they do not have to repeat the color of peas or fabric.

Polka dot dresses for obese women after 50

Many women after 50, especially with some flaws in the figure, believe that the polka dot print is taboo for them. Of course, with an illiterate choice of outfit, peas will visually add age and make the image ridiculous, but this will not happen if you listen to the following tips:

  • the dress should be in size – no need to try to squeeze into a narrow thing or try to hide behind a hoodie several sizes larger, and both options will only emphasize the fullness;
  • the fabric should be denser so that due to the fact that it holds its shape well, it is possible to create the correct proportional silhouette;
  • any voluminous details (flounces, ruffles, frills, frills), as well as drapery and complex cut make the figure heavier; owners of curvaceous forms do not need it, so it is better to pay attention to models of laconic, classic styles;
  • white peas on a black background are a classic that women after 50 are better off abandoning in order to look stylish and young, you need not be afraid of color.

Photo ideas of images polka dots

Polka dot dresses can be completely different, because not only the style can differ, but also the main color of the fabric, as well as the size and color of the polka dots on it. This variability can be overwhelming, making it seem like a daunting task to create a trendy look. A selection of photo ideas of ready-made images will help you find a fashionable solution for women, which will clearly demonstrate the main trends.

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