Intolerances, hypertension, sleep: 10 health devices that change our lives

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Intolerances, hypertension, sleep: 10 health devices that change our lives

It is known that prevention is simpler than cure. Gluten intolerance, poor sleep quality, poorly controlled tension, recalcitrant dental plaque ... many pathologies are today, rather better mastered thanks to these medical devices. Revisited, or created by high tech specialists, they offer very effective prevention and care options.

The scanner thermometer: to measure the variations of fever

A very accurate monitoring of body temperature, especially in children, is essential to properly adapt the treatment. The most recent scan without contact, one centimeter from the front. It is considered the best, with values ​​identical to the rectal setting. Nokia Thermo, Withings, € 99.95.

Self-measurement: to identify voltage surges

A very regular measure of tension at home is paramount for people with hypertension. But, it is also useful for all-ones. Hypertension is a "silent" disease, which does not give symptoms at first. Comfort M3 sphygmomanometer, Omron, 72 €.

Connected gluten sensor: to spot protein in food

When in doubt, simply place an extract of the food in a capsule and wait for the result in 3 minutes. This immunoassay is essential for people suffering from celiac disease, or intolerant to gluten. Gluten sensor device, from Nima, approved by the US Drug Agency (FDA), $ 289 on Amazon.

The pelvic reeducation device: to prevent urinary leakage

Pregnancy, overweight, menopause ... can alter the tissues of the perineum and cause incontinence and / or organ descent (prolapse). This device helps strengthen the pelvic floor with playful exercises and visualize contractions on his smartphone. The training lasted 5 minutes, in all discretion. Elvie Trainer, Elvie, 149 €.

The heart rate monitor: to manage your efforts safely

This device determines the instant heart rate. It is essential for the resumption of physical activity or for an effective training according to its objective: to lose weight, to recover from a cardiac event, to lower a hypertension, to prevent a recurrence of cancer, etc. Polar M200 watch, Polar, 149 €.

The peak flow meter: to measure your breath

It allows asthmatics and people with COPD to calculate the maximum speed of breath during a forced expiration and in case of difficulties to consult. Prevention that can also affect non-sick people. Suspected and repeated shortness of breath may be a sign of early respiratory failure or heart disease. Asma-1, from Vitalograph, 92,70 € on Distrimed.

The high-tech scale: to follow weight variations

These can be an alert: malnutrition problem, underlying pathology, poorly supported treatment ... This scale also measures the body composition of the body (water, bone mass, fat mass, etc.) or the resting heart rate. Now connected, she is no longer a simple scale but becomes a personal coach! Body +, Withings Scale, 99,95 €.

The sleep sensor: deciphering sleep cycles

Slipped under the mattress or soft band on the forehead, it tracks a sleep problem by measuring the heart rate and detecting snoring. The accuracy of a recording in the laboratory, from home. Nokia Sleep, Withings, 99,95 €.

The Pedometer: to track down his daily activity

The sedentary lifestyle (low or no frequency of movement) is as harmful, or even more according to some studies, than the absence of physical activity. Inspire, FitBit, 69,95 €.

The electric toothbrush: for impeccable dental hygiene

The most elaborate ones very effectively eliminate bacterial plaque in interdental spaces. Recommended to prevent infections (caries, gingivitis, periodontitis). Sonicare DailyClean, Philips, starting at € 29.99.

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