Iris Mittenaere (Miss Universe 2016) responds to criticism of her stretch marks

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Iris Mittenaere (Miss Universe 2016) responds to criticism of her stretch marks

The ex Miss Universe is preparing for a new show, The bird of Paradise, at Paradis Latin cabaret, where she will lead the review. Between rehearsals and press events, she finds time to post photos of her on her Instagram account. Sexy shots in swimsuits that ignite the canvas!

Recurring criticisms

The 26-year-old shows a dream body. Yet some netizens have noticed and then criticized his stretch marks. In March 2019, she had already been a victim of body shaming on his picture in panties: small stretch marks had been noticed by his community.

Today, it is on her photo in bikini with black fringes where she appears smiling and happy, that the old Miss is criticized again on her stretch Marks. She responds to a comment explaining that it has on the buttocks, but also on the chest: "They see themselves according to the light". The young woman even promises to achieve a shooting to show them more: she takes full responsibility. "It's a small detail, these are the marks of my transition to adulthood! (...) They bothered me when they were purple red, but now it's okay ".

While some criticisms have been made, the majority of comments remain positive. Even from former Miss France: Malika Ménard (2009) and Camille Cerf (2015) loved it!

Stretch marks, a common phenomenon

They often form after a taking or substantial weight lossbecause the skin is too tight at once. That's why they appear frequently when pregnancies. There is no shame in having one! If nevertheless you wish to limit their appearance, the most effective is a daily moisturizing of the body with ultra-nourishing care.

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