Iris Mittenaere without make-up on Instagram: she sends a strong message to her fans

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Iris Mittenaere without make-up on Instagram: she sends a strong message to her fans

The fan of parades and beauty contests Iris Mittenaere posted a snapshot of her on her Instagram account. Exit it very sophisticated makeup that she wears in Paradis Latin for her show "The Bird of Paradise", the young woman appears totally natural on a photo that shows in close-up and in black and white.

The beauty queen took the opportunity to send a strong message to his fans, a message fromself-acceptance Natural. A vision of beauty without artifice that is not totally in opposition to makeup and the world of Miss. "When I started my adventure in beauty pageants, I was taught to make up my hair. Wavy hair, fake eyelashes, contouring. It was the only way to win. Was it the only way to be beautiful? They told me that the beauty was so much more than that ... ".

The make-up, "a real accessory"

Iris Mittenaere also confides her love for makeup, which she considers a "True accessory" : "I find it super fun". But she can now do without and to accept without "I had the impression that it was not what they expected from a beauty queen ... now, II feel beautiful without makeup. It took me a long time, and it's still difficult sometimes to admit it, but I do not need it ... the only way to be beautiful is to believe in it, to trust oneself, to be strong and true. Beauty comes from the soul. We are beautiful. With or without makeup. "

Sincere words that inspire his community of fans: "It's so hard to feel beautiful without makeup, I am 31 years old and I only start to succeed sometimes to go out without a long way to go ... thanks for these words you are so beautiful and inspiring", "What a beautiful example (...)". We love and we adhere!

>> Discover the photo of Iris Mittenaere by clicking here

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