Jade and quartz rolls, the new anti-aging magic accessories

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Jade and quartz rolls, the new anti-aging magic accessories

The gesture is not new since already, in Imperial China, women were massed with jade rolls to preserve their youth. This accessory has long been part of Asian beauty rituals.

What is it about ?

These smooth stone or elastomer rollers with pins allow to massage the face. Used in institutes during classical rituals or high tech, these accessories allow tooptimize the efficiency of creams. Women accustomed to cabin care appreciate them. So the brands decided to market them for home use.

How to use them?

Morning or evening, we pass them on the face and the neck. Two minutes are enough to take care of the skin. Apply a cream or an oil, and start by working the neck, at the level of the lymph nodes, by descending movements for activate traffic. Roll up the accessory on the chin, upward movements to firm up the oval. Then work your whole face from nose to ear. Finish by the forehead: raising eyebrows to the edge of the scalp, then down on the lion's wrinkle.

What are the benefits?

Stone accessories (jade or quartz), always stay fresh and create a tightening effect. Thanks to the action of the massage, the rollers reactivate the blood circulation. They smooth lines, drain, decongest and promote the penetration of care. Accessories with pins, boost the activity of fibroblasts, skin support cells, and boost the elimination of toxins. You can use them along dark circles, but not too close to the eyes.

The trick in addition

For even more freshness, place your jade or quartz roll in the refrigerator. The cold helps to tighten the pores and boosts the tensor effect. You can also use your roller on other areas than the face such as the cleavage, to relax the muscles and firm the skin. It is also very effective to relax the neck and trapezius if you are tense. Use it just before going to sleep for an absolute relaxing effect.

our selection

- Jade Roll The House of Tui Na, 25 €.
- Pink quartz face roller, Sephora, € 19.99.
- Stimuloval, Jeanne Piaubert, € 36.60.

Thanks to Anthony Besquent, founder of La Maison du Tui na.

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