Jean: all the models at the top for the summer of 2019

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Jean: all the models at the top for the summer of 2019

Ah, the jeans! We could not live without him. How many times did we fall back on him for want of anything better? In the genre polymorph, there is no better: once we found the right one (the one who makes beautiful legs and a nice ass), it is also easy to wear with sneakers and big sweater sublime with heels and décolleté. No offense to Gabrielle Chanel, the best fashion friend of the woman, it is certainly him ... and not the eternal little black dress.
This season, it renews itself quite a bit by making slim the new standard and everything that differs from the slim new must-have: flare, right through the mom and frayed model. Do not panic, we detail everything!

Jean: 5 details at the top of the trends of the summer 2019

1 - It has a length 7 / 8th. In the 1980s / 90s, wearing 7 / 8th jeans would have exposed you to the mockery of the "floor fire" genre. Today, this length just above the ankles has become the new fashion. And the good news is that the 7 / 8th is the kind to sublimate all morphologies, whether thin, big, small or round. This length is part of fashion tricks to cheat with his body, neither seen nor known.

2 - It has buttons in place of the zipper : better, buttons that show themselves! In short, he is buttoned and is not ashamed to be. In other words, if you adopt it, do not hide your buttons under a tunic, a blouse or a sweater a little too long. Choose a few highs cropped... or have them blouse inside the waistband of your jeans. Cool effect guaranteed.
3 - It has small slits at the hem : it is the discreet detail that signs the jeans of summer. It's simple, if the jeans do not already have a length of 7 / 8th, or an extra wide cut or tapered edges, it is likely to have these small side slits that lighten the lower leg and allow you to wear your jeans with lots of different shoes: sneakers boots to the hooves (which the summer of 2019 could be FINALLY their comeback) and sneakers.
4 - He has a visible belt that is tied : this is called the paper bag. This form of pants benefits from the return to high-waisted jeans after the tidal wave of low sizes, whose fashion is beautiful is over. The paper bag is the most arty version of high-waisted jeans with a touch 80's that should appeal to all nostalgic.
5 - It is white or "raw" : incredible, but it's jeans that goes up. Be careful, its color is risky when you have some curves, even minimal. But there is no better than his white canvas for summer with a pair of sneakers ... or neo western with a pair of mini santiags.

Jean: two ultra-pointed trends .... to be reserved for the daredevils!

1 - The tye & dye canvases : a nod to the 1980s, we must be able to assume his side too much, which sometimes reminds us of the snow that made a splash in the middle of these famous 1980s.
Easier to wear everyday and mix-matcher with the rest of his wardrobe, we will fall in love with everyone faded jeans bleached way, which flood the collections of the season.
2 - The skirts panties : derived from the wide and flared cuts that we see in mass in the collections, the culottes tries a new comeback in a denim version. Seen and archi seen on catwalks catwalk, will the mayonnaise take with the public? Not sure.

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