Jennifer Lopez hairstyles and haircuts

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Jennifer Lopez hairstyles and haircuts

J.Lo’s luxurious hair and hairstyles are the subject of constant attention and admiration of all girls. And each new hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez instantly becomes one of the most discussed in fashion news magazines. At the same time, the actress practically does not have mistakes in creating images, although she really loves to experiment.

Today, few people remember that Jennifer Lopez in her youth was the owner of charming dark curls, which gave her a slightly naive look. In creating evening looks, the stylists of the future star clearly gravitated towards curls and a retro style, so that in those years she could often be seen with rather voluminous lush hairstyles.

Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle 2006
J. Lo’s hairstyle 2002

Everything changed at the turn of the century. Jennifer Lopez’s hair color has changed dramatically: dark tones have been replaced by light brown. But that was just the beginning. Looking at the photo, you can see that Jennifer Lopez’s hair was honey and golden, and with strands of highlighting, and with fashionable highlights, and with dyeing “shatush”, and with the effect of “burnt out” hair. She returned to dark hair only once, and then not for long.

Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle 2003

The actress is well aware that a thick mane of hair is her strong point, and skillfully uses it. Most often, at celebrations and red carpet, she, loosening her hair, demonstrates them in all its glory. It can be smooth hairstyle, and Hollywood waves, and curls, and slightly curled strands in the style of “natural carelessness”.

To create a sophisticated and elegant evening look, J.Lo chooses more sophisticated and sophisticated hairstyles: hair set high with a crown, bunches with thin strands released near the face, quirky retro styling. The shape of the face and the excellent condition of the skin allow her to wear such hairstyles without reservation, and at the same time look perfect! The singer also goes with a classic low ponytail, which she wears both on weekdays and on holidays.

Jennifer Lopez’s haircuts change no less often. At various times, she wore a cascade on long hair paired with a long milled bangs, and a bob, and a straight bob, and its elongated versions (including asymmetric).

Jennifer Lopez haircuts

As for the bangs, it seems that Jennifer cannot decide in any way – to be her or not to be. She sometimes does without bangs at all, removing hair from her forehead, then grows a long bangs that close her eyes, and then opens her forehead again! In a word, there is no limit to perfection and the end of experiments when there is something to experiment with.

Jennifer Lopez’s new hairstyle

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