Jennifer Lopez: sublime, she poses in a swimsuit at 50

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Jennifer Lopez: sublime, she poses in a swimsuit at 50

Jennifer Lopez just celebrated his 50th birthday on July 24th. For the occasion, she had worn a sublime golden sparkling dress straps signed Versace that was going to delight. Currently on tour for the "Its my party " tour in Spain, she posted a photo of her in a swimsuit ultra-sexy and very low neckline. The singer shows a sporty silhouette and slim at 50, and everyone is a fan. She is also without make-up and her hair is simply pulled back: a simple look that changes her beauty during her concerts where she wears a make-up worked and elaborate hairstyles.

On the picture posted on Instagram, she is wearing a one-piece burgundy swimsuit with a very plunging neckline that showcases his chest. The star is used to posing in sexy outfits, even when she performs on stage. She wears bodysuits, tight-fitting suits: Jennifer Lopez is sublime and is not afraid to show it.

Other stars appear in bikini

J-Lo is not the only one to accept herself in a swimsuit. This summer, other stars, over 40 years old, are swimsuit during their holidays. This is the case for example of Sylvie Tellier, who posted a picture of her in a bikini khaki, Alexandra Lamy who put a picture of her in a waterfall, or Estelle Lefébure posing topless in the fields.

They show themselves as they are and send a benevolent message in the positive body trend: no matter the critics, we must take care of ourselves as we are. We love !

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