Jewelry Trends : Pregnancy Bola, a jewel for a pregnant woman with deep meaning

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Pregnancy Bola, a jewel for a pregnant woman with deep meaning

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If you have a friend who is pregnant or are expecting a happy event yourself, you have probably heard of the pregnancy bola. This is a jewel for pregnant women in the shape of a small ball hanging on a leather thread or a chain. Pendants of this type are worn by women in many countries around the world.

More than just a decoration, the pregnancy bola necklace can have effects on the baby's well-being and his relationship with the mother.

We are looking at the functioning of the pregnancy bola and its meaning in the baby's life during the 9 months of pregnancy ... and after. Here is all you need to know about this jewelry and the reasons to buy one. Or to make a gift to one of your friends!

What is the pregnancy bola?

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The pregnancy bola is essentially a small ball, sometimes also called a "harmony ball". It is a jewel that is traditionally offered to pregnant women in many cultures around the world. Examples are found in Indonesia, Mexico ... Research has shown that even Mayan women had such kind of ball necklaces in the past.

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The pregnancy jewel represents a ball inside which you can hide a ball or other small similar object. The idea behind this decoration is that the enclosed object inside the pregnancy bola produces soft and pleasant sounds. These follow the rhythm of the movements of the future mother.

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The jewel being suspended on the belly of the mother, this sound can be heard by the baby. The adjustable length of the wire that supports the pregnancy ball allows the mom to select the ideal location for the ball. In this way, she can always stay on the woman's belly. And this, during the 9 months of development of the baby!

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<p style=Also note: according to the different cultures, the bola pregnant woman is also known as a protective collar for the future mother and for the baby.

Decryption of pregnancy bola functioning

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<p style=These beliefs about how the ball-shaped pregnancy collar works have survived in many cultures around the world to the present day. If this is so, it is also because the jewel can really have effects on the well-being of the baby and the future mother. Which ? To discover below!

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We know today that the baby can recognize sounds from the 20th week of its development. It is from this moment that the pregnancy ball can have a soothing effect thanks to its delicate and pleasant sounds.

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But let's not forget that the period of pregnancy is also linked to a lot of stress for pregnant women. The relaxing sounds of the jewel can also help those who dream of a relaxing atmosphere!

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<p style=Moreover, the positive effects of pregnancy bola do not stop at the time of birth. The little jewel pregnant woman can be hung near the newborn's bed. It will serve as a nice decoration for his room. But he will also continue to emit his soothing sounds. These will be associated by the child to the calm and protective atmosphere during the 9 months of pregnancy. The result: a comforting effect for your little angel!

Beyond the beneficent effects: the deep meaning of pregnancy bola

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Beyond these effects of the pregnancy necklace, the ball-shaped pendant is viewed as representing the deep connection that binds the baby to his mother. His soft sounds symbolize the harmony that exists between the child and the one who gave birth to it.

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<p style=In addition, for the mother, the pregnancy jewel is a beautiful way to remember at any time the child she is wearing. It serves as a sort of silly thought for those who tend to stress a little too much. A great way to invite them to take a few minutes to think about what's important during the baby's developmental period!

How to choose a pregnancy necklace in the shape of a bola?

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The idea of ​​buying a pregnancy bola seduces you? Congratulations, very good idea! You can buy such a necklace for yourself or make a gift to a friend. In the cases of figure, there are some points to know to select a jewel of quality.


Today, there is a huge choice of pregnancy jewelery in various materials. Although they can all be very pretty, the classic pregnancy bola is made of silver only. This is a first point to consider when choosing such a necklace.

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<p style=Pregnancy bolas can be decorated in a thousand different ways. The silver ball is thus adorned with ornaments in the form of various patterns. Some Bolas necklaces show the beauty of the mix of many metals, such as gold and silver. Still others include Swarowski crystals or multi-color designs.

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<p style=In any case, for the pregnancy bola is really unique, better bet on a jewel made in a traditional way. It can be ordered on canvas or purchased from a specialty store. Whatever the preferred option, always make sure you know the origin of the product.

The pregnancy bola is an excellent gift for pregnant women

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<p style=The bola necklace is a great gift idea for pregnant women. Quality products can inspire future dads. Thanks to the bola, they will be able to offer their partner an object rich in meaning. It's also a great gift idea for baby shower or for a parenting party.

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<p style=As for price, pregnancy bolas are very accessible. A little research on the web shows that we can find such a jewel for pregnant women at prices from 15 euros. For a quality product, we will count 30 euros or more.

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Want to offer a pregnancy ball necklace to a loved one? In this case, be aware that quality products are often accompanied by small chic and elegant accessories. Among these, there are storage boxes, craft chains, pockets ... So many little touches that will show your affection for your friend!

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