Jewelry Trends : The art of jewelry and jewelry creation and you – our advice to find the perfect jewel

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Jewelry :

The art of jewelry and jewelry creation and you - our advice to find the perfect jewel

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Do you like jewelry and you want to know more about the art of jewelry? Wondering how to choose and wear your jewelry? Designmag offers some practical advice on this subject. Come discover them!

The art of jewelery, a passion that has animated humanity for centuries

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Did you know ? The creation of jewelry is a passion that animates humanity since the earliest times. According to historians, men were intrigued by precious stones already in prehistoric times. The Neanderthals were the first to have made ornaments using pearls, as evidenced by a discovery in the region of contemporary Spain.

The art of jewelery, which consists of making jewelry made of stones and precious metals, has been perfected over the centuries. The creations of the jewelers themselves have had a different meaning and value in different times. For example, in ancient Egypt, jewelry was a symbol of power. In the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, it was religion that inspired jewelery designers to craft unique masterpieces.

Nowadays, these creations are appreciated especially for their beauty and for their decorative side. France is one of the world's leading countries in jewelry making. The modern history of this art in the country dates back to the 17th century. That's why choosing a Parisian jeweler is a guarantee of quality and highly appreciated craftsmanship.

But how to find the ideal jewel and wear it gracefully?

How to choose your jewelry?

how to choose your jewelry

The choice of jewelry to wear depends on the occasions but can also be done according to the behavior, the color of the hair and the tint of its skin.

Precious metals

As a general rule, gold jewelry is associated with special occasions. A noble material par excellence, gold is married to any kind of outfit. If you want a jewel more discreet but equally elegant, you can opt for a ring or for a necklace in silver or white gold.

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Precious stones

As for gemstones, the purchase of a jewelry can depend on your taste or colors that best suit your face and the color of your hair. Brown girls can thus bet on jewels adorned with stones in bright colors.

If you have fair hair and fair skin, think of stones like diamonds and rubies. The jewelry in coral shade will seduce those who have fair skin and hair in shades of red. Finally, stones like amethyst and sapphire are ideal to highlight the golden skin.

To go further and learn more about the art of jewelry ...

Want to immerse yourself in the unique world of jewelry and learn more about its evolution over the centuries? In this case, do not forget to consult this thematic issue of the Museum of Decorative Arts devoted to the history of jewelry!

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