Jewelry Trends : The name ring, a trendy personalized jewel that returns to fashion

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Jewelry :

The name ring, a trendy personalized jewel that returns to fashion

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Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw's favorite necklace in the cult series? Sex and The City ? This simple jewel, which symbolized the identity of Sarah Jessica Parker's character, inspired hundreds of girls to offer or afford a similar pendant.

The name ring, a trendy jewel for you and your loved ones

If you like this type of accessories for women, we have good news for you: the time is back to jewelry with name. Only this time, we replace the necklace with a name ring! As the name suggests, this ring is a custom accessory that can display an inscription to choose from the one who wears it.


We wanted to know more about jewelry models of this type. And we took the opportunity to take a tour of the collection My name ring proposed by Jewelssimo online store!

What are the different types of ring with name?

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You may not know it but there is not one type of ring name. Just take a look at the collections of women's accessories of this type to see that this jewel is offered in a variety of models. In the following lines, we review the most popular of them.

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The ring with name for couple

It is the perfect jewel to offer on the occasion of engagement or a wedding. It comes in different options and can be more or less sophisticated depending on the taste of each. You could choose to engrave one or two first names, according to your preferences!

The ring with name baby or child

Beside rings with first name for couples, there are now rings that display the name of a baby or a child. They can be ordered on the occasion of a birth or birthday to celebrate the mutual love of the couple and the love for their child.

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The Arabic name ring

The rings with inscriptions can be personalized from the point of view of the materials of manufacture and the decoration as of the language and the letters. Thus, one can decide to afford a jewel bearing his name in Arabic letters. It is also a beautiful woman gift idea that celebrates the origins and culture of a friend!

Jewelry with decorations and inscriptions

You think of a jewel with name and interesting decoration? You do not miss any options in this regard! To decorate your ring or ring, you can choose between several possibilities. Among them, the rings with tree of life, those with infinite symbol or with birthstone.

As for materials, the solutions are just as numerous. And if we must mention some of the trends, we will necessarily note the personalized jewelry in gold, pink gold and silver. The best is that all these types of rings are customizable and can be engraved with one or more names, or a special inscription.

How to choose a ring first name?

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Personalized rings and rings are jewelry intended to be worn by a special person. They symbolize the love or affection we have for someone. For this reason, the choice of this type of accessory is sometimes difficult.

Fortunately, there are some simple criteria that can help you choose such a jewel! Here is the list of the most popular of them:

  • the preferred materials of the person;
  • his date of birth (for a decoration with birthstone);
  • the size of the ring;
  • the first name (s) or the inscription you wish to engrave.

Finally, do not forget that the name ring will be worn by someone who is very close to your heart. So think about that person's style and try to find the perfect accessory for her!

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