Jewelry Trends : Trendy jewelry 2021 – zoom on the accessories to adopt for the spring-summer season

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Jewelry : Trendy jewelry 2021 – zoom on the accessories to adopt for the spring-summer season

Fashion trends are changing and so are jewelry! As previously announced, during this month of January, the editor of Designmag’s mission is to present a selection of new products from the world of beauty, fashion, design and accessories to be adopted in 2021. Today hui, we are sharing with you our trendy jewelry ideas for the coming spring-summer season.

Trendy jewelry 2021 – accessories to appropriate for the spring-summer season

jewelry trend 2021 woman spring summer

When it comes to interior design and decoration, specialists’ forecasts indicate a clear preference for original objects, for natural surfaces and for luxury materials. These major trends are also found in the world of jewelry for women.

Trendy jewelry in 2021 are original wooden accessories

trendy jewelry 2021 woman original wood bracelet

For several years now, wood has established itself as an original option for the manufacture of jewelry perfectly capable of bringing more character to our outfits. This is a trend that rhymes very well with the balmy days of spring and summer. This season, we are therefore focusing on wooden bracelets for women and men. To further personalize them, we have fun choosing from models adorned with metal or stone accents. And, to complete them, we associate them with a necklace or with wooden sunglasses!

Women’s jewelry collections this season are marked by the return of pearls

women's fashion trends 2021 pearls

This trend clearly expresses the penchant for luxury materials which asserts itself in interior design but also in the world of fashion. Examining the collections of jewelry designers, we can clearly see that this year 2021 will be marked by the return of pearls. And if that makes you frown, don’t worry. This is certainly not the return of grandma style necklaces. The fashion shows show us another direction to take to appropriate this trend: to associate pearls of various shades and sizes. So that’s a great way to add a touch of luxury to your look this summer!

In 2021, we showcase our personal style through an original necklace

large size 2021 women's trendy necklace

Necklaces are a classic fashion accessory, but this year they will be in the spotlight. From now on, we are discovering plenty of original models: starting with large necklaces, passing by chain or spherical patterned creations to finish with those adorned with a purse pendant … In short, the choice of trendy necklaces right now is huge and you will easily find one that matches your personal style!

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