Josiane Balasko: her physical evolution in pictures

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Josiane Balasko: her physical evolution in pictures

Actress, actress, writer, screenwriter ... Josiane Balasko touch all. She is often remembered for her comic roles in Santa Clause is garbage or in The tanned. In addition to her successful role, she goes behind the camera and makes her own feature films as The cops in 1987.

As for his collection of short stories Jamaiplu, it was released in March 2019. His career is very rich and diversifiedjust like the looks she has adopted over time.

Original hair looks

Brown, blonde hair, red hair, long hair, short haircut ... Josiane Balasko has almost tested everything. She begins in the 80's by dying her mid-length hair in black, which gives her a femme fatale look. Then, it passes little by little with the short hair and returns to its natural color (a chestnut). But the actress has also tested the red ! A coloration difficult to maintainbut that suited him very well.

She often appears with her daughter, Marilou Berry, who has followed her mother's steps by becoming an actress and director. The 36-year-old has also gone through hairstyles and colorations amazing to adopt a very light blonde and a mid-length squared cut that showcases it. We love !

>> Discover its physical evolution in images

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