Kev Adams: He shocks his fans with a new hairstyle inspired by a rapper

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Kev Adams: He shocks his fans with a new hairstyle inspired by a rapper

The humorist and French actor who has just turned 28 has decided to opt for a haircut totally different. Result: his fans are very surprised and fun by this choice! While in Juan-les-Pins in the Alpes-Maritimes, Kev Adams posted a picture of him on his Instagram account. He is transformed!

A whole new look

Exit the voluminous cut on the top of the head and curly hair. The humorist changes everything in everything and is inspired by a hairstyle inspired by a Jamaican artist: Sean Paul. He has indeed bet on glued braids on the top of the skull, just like the singer in the 2000s. Kev Adams makes reference to the singer of hits in his legend since he writes: "When you listen too much Sean Paul".

Fun fans

The photo has collected more than 135,000 likes in one day, and has already been commented nearly 1,200 times. Oli, the singer of the group Big Flo and Oli wrote: "Whaaaat", which shows his astonishment. As for the actor Rayane Bensetti, he comments several laughing smileys. Tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka also expresses his amusement by asking "Have you lost a bet?". As for his anonymous fans, one of them writes: "Your haircut is as funny as your jokes". If it is not unanimous, this new look makes laugh and react.

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