Kinesio facial massage: the anti-aging technique to which you will become addicted

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Kinesio facial massage: the anti-aging technique to which you will become addicted

A ritual in 3 highlights

Each type of massage allows you to work either blood circulation, the circulation lymphatic, or the muscles, depending on the product that is used. "We adopt the gesture that best suits the texture of the product"says Catherine Corcoran, Global Training Manager, Darphin Global. For the expert, the skin is a living organ, the longer it is stretched and work the musclesthe more one maintains one's elasticity.

1 / The application of serum

The serum is applied with a kinesio technique that focuses on the blood circulation. "Massaging the skin helps to ensure that it is receptive to care that we apply as and when the routine "explains Catherine Corcoran. The more the skin is stimulated, the more it is oxygenated.

It's about adopting quick gestures because the serum is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is therefore by performing small pinching and stroking that activates the blood circulation: "It is thanks to her that all the active ingredients will be effective because the skin breathes by the blood since it is he who carries the oxygen ".

2 / The application of the oil

Perfect for the evening, it nourishes the skin and can be applied with a massage which activates the lymphatic circulation. The latter is parallel to the blood circulation, but it is slower and carries a lymph (thicker). Unlike the bloodstream, it did not heartless, that is, she "Does not have a pump" : so she needs to be activated manually. His role ? Evacuate waste from our cells.

To achieve the massage, the oil is ideal because she slips, which allows you to move your hands easily "With light and superficial contact". It is enough to bring the material outward to finish towards the jaws, a place where there are ganglia. "Go and drain the whole lymphatic circuit is intended to direct the lymph to the lymph nodes to eliminate toxins ".

3 / The application of the cream

Cream is an integral part of our beauty routine. To be applied after serum, it allows to nourish or moisturize the skin according to its needs. By applying it, one can realize a technique of kinesio massage to work the muscles.

"The skin rests on a muscular structure that one can work with the cream because it slips, but not too much, it is between the serum and the oil ". In short, it is ideal for knead the muscle on the cheeks for example. How to do ? Sponge the muscle to empty the blood and stretch it. "When you relax, the muscle is re-inflated with new blood, it is better nourished."

How to get good results?

The secret ? Theattendance. "The ideal is to adopt gestures when applying the daily care ". The more it will be repeated, the more results there will be. The expert advises to take a moment for yourself, to do good and "Savor his products". You can also go to an institute for a professional to mass: "The skin will instantly brighter and the more relaxed features. "

Thanks to Global Training Manager Catherine Corcoran, Darphin Global, for her advice.

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