Leopard print 2021-2022 – how to wear leopard clothes

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Leopard print 2021-2022 – how to wear leopard clothes

Leopard print is one of the most controversial and discussed. Someone does not tolerate it, they say, they say, tasteless, cheap, old-fashioned. Someone loves and wears it with pleasure. Despite all the controversy, leopard print comes into fashion every year. Autumn-winter trends are never complete without predatory specks. Fall-winter 2021-2022 is no exception. Is it possible to learn how to create stylish and trendy leopard print sets? Easily!


How to wear leopard print in 2021-2022
In order not to be embarrassed yourself and not to make others blush for you, give up leopard leggings, tight sheath dresses and low-cut T-shirts in sticky. Let there be as much space between you and the leopard as possible. A loose blouse, T-shirt, shirt dress, oversized sweatshirt or sweater will not give any hint of either a lack of taste or that a time machine is built into your closet.
How to wear a leopard sweater


How to wear leopard print
The usual brown-reddish-white color frightens many. The more contrast and orange, the brighter and more defiant the thing looks. But this is not a reason to give up the print, just don’t put on it from head to toe, a small accent will be enough. In addition, the color scheme does not end there. Today you can find many options for muted, gray, yellow, blue, pink colors. It looks fresh and modern.


Faux fur leopard coat
Statistics have shown that one of the most popular items in mass market stores is a leopard faux fur coat. A killer combo of good taste? But no! The stylists of these brands managed to raise such a dubious thing to a definitely new level. Another must-have for 2021-2022 is a leopard print coat. Simple cut, long, oversized, with a minimum of detail. It goes well with rough boots, sneakers and matte flat over the knee boots.
How to wear a leopard coat


Leopard Print Accessories
As they say, the leopard is in the details, or something like that … The safest way to try on a print is accessories: bags, backpacks, shoes, scarves, scarves. Leopard sneakers, loafers, oxfords, knitted hat, gloves, belt or temples look spicy and strong. Especially in a minimalistic modern set.

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